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A Tale of Chinese Culture & History

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We Welcome You to the Exciting World of Modern Chinese Coins!

Encompassing over two thousand different varieties of coins, modern Chinese coins have something for all tastes and budgets. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are the choice metals used since 1979 by the People's Bank of China to share the narrative of Chinese culture and history through precious metal collectible coins and medals. Chinese panda coins are well-known the world over and asides from their charming portrayals of the extraordinary creature in it's natural habitat, they have the distinction of morphing each year into a new design with a new scene of panda bears that has captivated collectors and even investors, to build collections and assemble sets. Panda coins, however, are but one bright beam on the spectrum...

Since 1979, other notable subjects are the Chinese lunar coins of which many different series exist in gold, silver and platinum. These coins usually each portray famous paintings or works of art from the great artists of China such as Qi Baishi, Liu Jiyou and Xu Beihong. Chinese coins, of course, pre-date 1979 but this is when the precious metal coin program was initiated with only a few coins - the International Year of the Child coins being one of the iconic series with three varieties of silver coin and two gold.

On our website you will be able to acquaint yourself like never before with the attractive works of art from the engravers at the China Mint on precious metal. Coins vary in price considerably from being at or near to the spot price/ current metal values of a given coin - to huge premiums for scarcer types reflecting their collectible status. With Coinex, you have a partner who can help you regardless of whether you are a collector, investor, coin dealer or jeweler - both in bull and bear markets.

Of course, modern Chinese coins - the likes of which we specialize in here at Coinex, make up only a small part of the spectrum in the Chinese coins niche. There are many old Republic Chinese coins and those from various provinces that have been produced and used as a medium of exchange for millennia. There are also many reproductions/ fakes to be weary of which is why we recommend third party authentication and grading. These are the only old Chinese coins we will consider buying as these reproductions can be very good and hard to differentiate alongside the real thing. The two premier third party grading services that offer global liquidity here in the U.S as well as in Europe and Asia are NGC and PCGS. Any other coin grading service does not have the experience and acceptability in the marketplace. You will find that when it comes to ascertaining Chinese coin value or values and correctly identifying coins - graded and authenticated coins will offer both the buyer and seller a clear understanding of not only the coin type but of course, condition too. Condition alongside rarity are the two greatest factors on the price of a particular item. With a country such as China, which is fast developing it's appetite for numismatics alongside other somewhat similar collectibles in antiques, pottery, comics and art - there is no shortage of demand. The meaning of Chinese coins holds often great importance for it's rich cultural significance. In the case of modern coins, more so for the depictions on the coins of important persons and scenes from Operas, Paintings and the like. In the case of old Chinese coins, more for the story and inherent beauty on holding or owning an item that is hundreds if not thousands of years old.

Identify your Chinese Coins

Coinex is well-positioned to help you identify your Chinese coins be they modern or ancient. Chinese coins identification is important for reasons previously discussed and often people in the West are lost as to how they can determine what they may have whether from an inheritance, a gift or otherwise.

Even experienced Chinese coin collectors will often need to refer to a collection of numismatic books or literature to understand coins not seen before.
China, with all it's 2500 year history in producing coins of various types spanning different dynasties from Liao Dynasty to Ch'ing Dynasty, Northern and Southern Sung as well as Chou Dynasty and the Five Dynasties will leave many overwhelmed and on a decade-long search if not directly speaking with an expert in the field.

Coinex has relationships with experts in the field of ancient Chinese coinage and is pleased to help as a coin identifier as best we can. Modern or current Chinese coins produced by the China Mint from 1979 to present are what we buy and sell so you will expect to hear from us the same day. For these more esoteric items which require additional research, it may take three days to a week or more.