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1991 12 oz Gold Panda in original box
with certificate of authenticity

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About 12 oz Gold Panda Coins

Twelve ounce gold panda coins are of substantial size and are impressive to behold. Their individual values vary considerably by date, some worth gold spot values and others, large premiums over melt.

As you would expect, the coins with a mintage of 99 are the rarest and most valuable. These coins are from the years 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995. Originally issued with display boxes and certificates of authenticity, they are attractive collectibles and at 70 mm in diameter, the details on the coin can easily be discerned without the need for a loupe or other magnifying instrument.

Coins from the 1980's, in particular 1986 through 1988, are common given their mintage in the 2500 to 4000 range for each date. There are not many of people queuing up to own these so the supply outweighs demand. They are purchased and sold almost entirely for the gold value that each contains.

The 1984 12 oz gold panda coin is the first such coin of it's kind and was an ambitious early move by the China mint to produce a large gold coin. Given the somewhat experimental nature of this coin with an authorized mintage of 250 and as a result of poor standards and conditions during manufacture - very few coins are known to exist that do not have major flaws. Consequently, this coin is not quite as valuable and collectible as it might otherwise have been. Value is very much correlated to condition for this coin, as with all Chinese coins, but few vary so much in price.

Twelve ounce gold panda coins require substantial capital outlay but are a very attractive and unique asset in one's portfolio or collection. On the basis that one is lured to their beauty and not motivated by speculative short-term gains, they are at the pinnacle of gold panda coin collecting and sure to provide considerable pleasure and gratification.