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About Chinese 1 oz Gold Panda Coins

Since their inception in 1982, gold panda coins have always been one of the top five gold bullion coins in the world. The proof-like brilliant uncirculated gold panda, or mint state as it is sometimes designated, is seen in the following sizes 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz and 1/20 oz. Each coin size with it's respective panda scene of the year appears every year except for the 1982 series which does not have the 1/20 oz coin.
Usually, the prices of this series of gold panda are considerably less than proof panda coins however some coins are still valued well above their gold metal content, such as the 1982 1 oz gold pandas, the first ever panda coin and the only ones that does not have a denomination. The 1995 and 1998 brilliant gold pandas are also better dates with stronger values.

The 1983 gold panda coins were the first to use both a mirror and matte finish to produce a distinct contrasting effect, used to emphasize the black and white fur of a panda. In fact the design was the prizewinner at the International Gold Coin of the Year awards in 1983 launching the career of master coin designer, Chen Jian.

As for the 1995 and 1998 gold panda, they have some of the lowest mintages of all 'BU' gold panda coins. The 1998 1/2 oz gold panda has an actual mintage of 4168, and the 1995 1/2 oz gold panda - 11749. These are much lower compared to the typical mintage of 15000 to 50000 for most BU panda coins. All of this means the 1995 and 1998 BU gold panda coins have strong premiums over the gold content - hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars over spot values.
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The market prices of other BU gold pandas generally follow the gold price. This makes them a worthwhile investment for consideration as this semi-numismatic status ensures that investors can enjoy the benefits of gold ownership with expectations of increases in value from both the gold content and premium of the coin itself. Since the gold price is generally bullish in the medium to long term, BU gold pandas are a particularly safe investment option for defensive investors.

From a collector's point of view, the BU gold pandas offer enough variety to support any types of collecting strategies. One can collect all coins of the same size, e.g all the 1/10 oz panda coins since 1982 or all the 1/20 panda coins since 1983 to form an eye-catching collection. Or, one can collect all panda coins with a particular specialty, such as the pandas issued on special anniversaries or pandas that have won coin design awards, adding to the collection a deeper meaning. One can even collect different versions of the same Panda coins, such as the Shanghai Mint and Shenyang mint versions or domestic and overseas versions which might have a slightly different design or different font. The collecting possibilities are endless and can provide immerse joy to collectors for years to come.