1 oz Gold Panda Brilliant Uncirculated Coins
Official bullion coin of China, 1982 to present

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So you are thinking about buying the complete 1 oz gold panda collection? Nice choice. Feast your eyes on what you could have showing up at your door shortly (subject to availability).

The complete 1 oz gold panda collection is made up of 31 x 1 oz gold coins each 24 karat, .999 pure, from the inaugural issue in 1982 all the way through to the current year panda coin from 2012. Thirty unique and delightful scenes capturing the beauty of one of the world's most charming and loved creatures. All coins are in original mint packaging as issued by the China Mint. Did you know that some coins are so rare and hard to come by that whilst the official mintage is under 20,000 for several years, the actual number of surviving coins is generally considered to be under 5,000? Consequently, there are only a few people - maybe only a couple of hundred worldwide, own complete 1 oz gold panda sets. We know from first hand experience that they are VERY hard to assemble and usually it takes several months to put one together from scratch.

When we do, our prices are the most competitive compared to the few that are able to offer something so prized and rare, surely the highlight to anyone's numismatic collection or precious metals portfolio. To ensure this is the case, we will provide you with at least one other source where this grouping is offered for sale and make sure to deliver on our best price guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Click the contact form tab to the left and we will get back to you via your preferred means of contact with availability and pricing.
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