Gold Panda Medals
A journey around the world with pandas

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Chinese Gold Panda Medals

Official China Mint Commemorative Panda Medals are a cousin of the Panda coin. Panda Medals are usually designed and made in commemoration of various coin expos or trade shows. Usually they have on the obverse side either the Great Wall or Tiantan (Temple of Heaven), together with a famous landmark or building of the coin expo’s host city. On the reverse side are different Panda designs.

Even though these medals do not belong to the Panda coin series – as they are not Chinese legal tender coins because they lack a denomination or ‘face value’ - many collectors cherish them as a part of the Panda coin family. China Mint Panda Medals can be categorized into three major types: American Expo Medals (e.g. American Numismatic Association ‘ANA’), European Expo Medals (e.g. Munich, Brussels and Zurich) and Hong Kong Medals.

To the credit of the brilliant designers, no two Panda designs are the same despite the large variety of Panda Exposition Medals. The pandas on each are all different - sometimes shown to be cute, sometimes naughty; sometimes they are climbing a tree, sometimes eating bamboo; some have pandas playing in the field and others have mother panda bears cuddling their cubs. Each then, display an aspect of a panda’s life. This large variety of Panda designs makes the Expo Pandas especially adored by Panda fans around the world.

Expo medals also come in many varieties in both composition and size. This includes gold and silver as well as platinum, palladium and even bi-metallic medals. This section of pandas many consider under-valued given their attractive designs and historically low mintages.

There are also a few non-expo Panda medals such as the Silver, Copper and Gold plated Pandas for the 10th Gold Panda anniversary in 1991. The Copper Panda in commemoration of winning of the Chinese Design and Arts awards for the Gold Panda coins; and the Copper Panda for the commemoration of the 16th International Mint Conference