The Complete 1 oz Gold Lunar Collection

Perhaps only a couple of hundred worldwide

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The complete twelve coin 1988 to 1999 one ounce gold set is a very special and highly sought after group of rare Chinese coins each of which commemorates one of the animals of the Zodiac. Beginning in 1988 with the year of the dragon, there is the 1989 year of the snake, 1990 year of the horse, 1991 year of the goat, 1992 year of the monkey, 1993 year of the rooster, 1994 year of the dog, 1995 year of the pig, 1996 year of the rat, 1997 year of the ox, 1998 year of the tiger and finally 1999 year of the rabbit.

This prized collection, seldom available for purchase can be custom ordered and shipped to you typically within a week. Coinex has sold several of these highly sort after sets - these are the only one ounce gold lunar coins issued by the People's Republic of China.

Most of the coins have a mintage of under two thousand, pictured is what you will receive: all twelve coins in original packaging as they left the mint with wooden display boxes and certificates of authenticity. Zoom over the coins below to instantly reveal their superb attention to detail. Almost all of these coins portray famous works of art from important Chinese masters!

To find out more, please contact your account manager today or call us direct: 888.726.4639 to find out about pricing and availability.

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