1992 Kilo Gold Lunar Completion Anniversary

2000 Yuan Proof Coin

About the 1992 Kilo Gold Lunar Completion Anniversary 2000 Yuan Proof Coin

Seen above is the 1992 Kilo Gold Lunar Completion Anniversary coin.  This impressive proof coin has a face value of 2,000 yuan, a fineness of 99.9%, measures a huge 100mm in diameter, and was struck at the Shenyang Mint with a mintage of just 20 pieces. 

It forms part of a two-coin set which was issued in 1992 to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the start of the highly collectible Lunar series, the first cycle of which began in 1981 with the Year of the Rooster and concluded in 1992 with the Year of the Monkey.  This saucer-sized piece, along with its silver counterpart, commemorate the completion of this first 12-year cycle.

The design on the reverse face is intricate, complex, and highly symbolic, featuring the yin-yang in the centre, surrounded by the eight tri-grams of Taoist cosmology, also called bagua, which all sit arranged opposite their respective yin or yang affiliated counterparts laid over an octagonal base.  Encircling this octagon are 12 coins, one for each of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac: the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and the pig.  This design is incredibly fine, given that each one of these 12 coins contains an impressive level of detail.

The detail and design of the obverse face is just as striking.  In the centre is a rendering of the White Pagoda in Beijing's Beihai Park.  The pagoda is a Buddhist stupa or reliquary and stands 40m high at the peak of Qionghua Island at the centre of the park itself.  This imposing white stone construction features sun, moon, and flame designs engraved on its surface.  Struck to the left of the pagoda is the face value, 2,000 yuan, while below in the water of the lake is struck the year of issue, 1992.  Around the edge of the coin face are two inscriptions.  The top edge displays the characters reading: “The People's Republic of China”.  Around the bottom edge is a description of the coin, again in Chinese characters: “12th Anniversary of the Issuance of Chinese Zodiac Coins”.


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