1993 5 oz Gold Owning a Piece of Homeland

500 Yuan Proof Coin

About the 1993 5 oz Gold Owning a Piece of Homeland 500 Yuan Proof Coin

Shown here is one of a series of 11 coins, six gold and five silver, issued in 1993 commemorating various sites of religious and cultural significance around China.  The sites featured on the reverse faces of the pieces in the set are several mountaintop temples and burial sites, specifically at Mt. Hau, Mt. Tai, Mt. Heng, Mt. Song, and - the site featured on the above coin - Mt. Qiao.  The obverse faces show the same image of the Great Wall; the year of production, 1993; and at the top of the face, the characters: “The People's Republic of China”.

This rare piece is the 5 oz gold coin from the series.  It is a proof quality coin, containing 99.9% pure gold, measuring 60mm in diameter, and having a mintage of a mere 99 pieces.  Its face value is 500 yuan.

The reverse face displays a rendering of the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor which sits atop Mount Qiao in Huangling County, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province.  The Yellow Emperor, revered in Chinese mythology, is considered one of the great ancestors of the Chinese people.  Legend has it that once he became immortal and ascended into Heaven he left behind just his robes and hat to be buried.  The burial site was designated in 1961 as China's first National State-Protected Site of Great Cultural Significance.  Offerings have been made at the temple site since as early as 442 BC, but the instalment of an official shrine in 770 AD made it the location for more regular national offerings and ceremonies.  Below the picture is the denomination, 500 yuan, and an inscription reading: “Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor - Possessing a Piece of Homeland”.  Below this is “Au 5oz .999” - the specifications of the coin.


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