1994 5 oz Gold Buddha

500 Yuan Proof Coin

About the 1994 5 oz Gold Buddha 500 Yuan Proof Coin

Pictured is a coin that was issued in 1994, celebrating Taiwanese scenery.  It is part of a two-coin set which comprises the 5 oz gold coin shown above, and a similar 5 oz silver coin.   Both are proof coins with a fineness of 99.9% and weigh 5 oz.  The gold coin has a face value of 500 yuan and a mintage of 99, while the silver coin has a denomination of 50 yuan and a mintage of 500.  This sizeable coin is 60mm in diameter and was struck at the Shenyang Mint.

On the reverse face, the design of the set features a large statue of Buddha located in Zhanghua County, lying in western Taiwan.  The impressive and striking 26m-high statue is situated at the top of Bagua Mountain which overlooks the city of Zhanghua.  The Buddha is shown seated in a meditative pose.  On the reverse face of the gold coin, below the image are inscribed the characters: “Zhanghua Great Buddha 500 yuan”.  Below this is an inscription detailing in short the metallic specifications of the coin.  It reads: “Au 5oz .999”.

The obverse design features an image of the Great Wall of China, specifically part of the iconic Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) section.  Construction on the wall began during the Qin Dynasty (221 - 206 BC) following the unification of China under the first emperor, Qin Shihuang (reigned 221 - 210 BC).  However, the image of the wall that people tend to have in their minds nowadays are the parts which were renovated or expanded upon during the Ming Dynasty.  Its purpose was to consolidate power, keeping the northern nomadic tribes at bay, and to control trade in and out of the Chinese Empire.  Above the image is inscribed “The People's Republic of China”.  Below it appears the production date, 1994.


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