1995 5 oz Gold Yellow River Culture

500 Yuan Proof Coin

About the 1995 5 oz Gold Yellow River Culture 500 Yuan Proof Coin

Pictured above is one of seven coins of the Yellow River Culture series issued in 1995 celebrating early Chinese mythology and folklore centred around the Yellow River.  Of the seven coins issued in 1995, two are gold and five are silver.  The reverse faces of the coins in this series feature various figures from Chinese mythology.  The obverse faces feature the same Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) dragon motif beneath the inscription: “The People's Republic of China”, which appears above a wave pattern and an inscription of the year of production, 1995.

The 500 yuan, 5 oz gold coin shown above is a proof quality coin with a diameter of 60mm.  It contains 99.9% pure gold and was struck at the Shanghai mint with a mintage of 99.

Featured on the reverse face is a scene depicting the Goddess Nüwa rising out of the waves among rocks and repairing the wall of heaven as fire rains from the sky.  At the bottom of the coin face is the face value of the coin, 500 yuan.

Legend has it that Nüwa was the creator of mankind, forming men from yellow clay on the seventh day of the world.  In Chinese mythology she is also the repairer of the wall of heaven, the destruction of which would have resulted in the destruction of everything.  Two of the most potent of the gods had an argument which they resolved with a fight.  The damage to the wall of heaven and the pillar which held up the sky as a result of this fight caused natural disasters, as the sky tilted to the north west and the earth moved to the south east.  Nüwa managed to control the situation by tempering stones of five different colours to repair the wall of heaven, and by cutting off the legs of a turtle to repair the damaged pillar.  However, she was not able to totally correct the sky, which remained tilted to the north west.  This is how Chinese mythology explains the apparent movement of the heavenly bodies to the north west, and why the rivers in China all flow into the Pacific Ocean to the south east.


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