2000 10 Kilo Gold Millennium

30000 Yuan Proof Coin

About the 2000 10 Kilo Gold Millennium 30000 Yuan Proof Coin

Shown in the image above is a very special coin.  Its size and weight alone are impressive, not to mention the detailed and highly attractive decoration featured on the reverse and obverse faces.  It is one of seven coins produced in the year 2000 to celebrate the passing Millennium.  It is the Year 2000, 10 kg Gold Millennium coin.  This proof coin of 99.99% fineness has a weight of 10 kg making it the heaviest coin ever issued by the People's Bank of China.  It measures a staggering 180mm across.  Not only does this make its bullion value exceptionally high, but its denomination is also 30,000 yuan.  Struck with a mintage of only 20, it's uniqueness and rarity also give it incredible numismatic value.

The modern design on the reverse face is beautiful in its simplicity.  It features the Eye of Wisdom, or Third Eye: an esoteric and spiritual concept symbolising enlightenment and clairvoyance beyond the ability of the standard sense of human sight.  Below the eye is struck the denomination, 30,000 yuan, and a short inscription detailing the metallic properties of the coin: “10 kg Au .9999”.  Around the edge of the coin face are twelve symbols representing the essential factors required for the survival and development of mankind.  These simple symbols represent, among other things, concepts such as shelter, food, and water.

The design on the obverse face is somewhat more traditional than that on the reverse.  Featured in the centre is the Chinese Century Altar.  This huge landmark was built in Beijing to greet the new Century and Millennium.  The appearance of the monument embodies the essence of traditional Chinese culture whilst at the same time incorporating a modern architectural design.  It covers an area of 450,000 square metres and houses several art galleries.  In the background, behind the rendering of the Chinese Century Altar, is a traditional and intricately detailed dragon motif.  Several dancing dragons and pictured engulfed in smoke and fire.  At the bottom of the coin face is the inscription: “The People's Republic of China”, and the year of issue, 2000.


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