Inventions and Discoveries Coins

Achievements in design and innovation

China Invention & Discovery Gold, Silver, Platinum Coins

This series of coins displays the inventions and discovery by brilliant Chinese scientists through out the history of Ancient China. This coin series was started in 1992 in an attempt to improve the international image of Chinese modern coins after the fall in popularity of panda coins in the early 90s due to the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square movement in 1989. The topic of Invention and discovery was chosen to emphasis the achievements and input that the Chinese have on the advancing of society and technology through out China's 5000 years history. This mentality of "Remember the Good and Forget the Bad" seems to be successful: with the combination of the innovative ideas, brilliant designs and careful craftsmanship of these coins. The Invention and Discovery series revived international interest in Chinese coins and became one of the most sought after series of modern Chinese coins.

With the countless discoveries and inventions by the Chinese over the centuries, one may wonder how the discoveries were chosen to be immortalized on this brilliant coin series. It turns out that the discoveries and inventions included in the series are based on the book "The Genius of China - 3000 Years of Science, Discovery and Invention", which documented the lifetime research of Dr Robert Temple, a member of Royal Archeology Society of USA, who devoted his life in the research of Chinese history and ancient technology. Since its debut in 1992, the Invention and Discovery Series has recorded 32 great inventions documented in this book, and captured them in a variety of coins, such as piedfort coins, 1/4 oz platinum coins, and the rare and valuable kg gold and silver coins in addition to the standard gold and silver coins. Because of the detailed craftsmanship, leading-edge processing and elegant packaging, the series is well recognized by collectors and designers worldwide, and many sets in the series have won awards over the years. For example, the 1992 Ship-making 22g Silver was judged 5th equal in the "German Coins" Magazine Annual World's Best Coin Awards, and the entire 1992 set has won the First Class Award for 1992-1993 coins, judged by the Chinese Gold Coin Corporation. The Inventions and Discovery Series is also one of the modern Chinese coin series with the most pattern coins and rare coins. In fact, it is believed that no one in the world had succeeded in collecting the entire series. The Invention and discoveries series is therefore the Mt Everest in the coin-collecting world, being admired by every collector in the world and waiting to be conquered by the best collectors.