Chinese Panda Coins

1982-present. Hundreds of varieties.

Whether you are a collector, investor or heir, Coinex has the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the sometimes subtle differences with Chinese gold panda coins.

We will provide you with the insight in to the Chinese coin market you need to maximize value whether you want to buy, sell or trade.

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Kilo Gold Panda Coins
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Panda Coins

The most recognized modern Chinese coin series internationally,
Panda coins are the iconic series of modern Chinese precious metal coins.

Issued annually since 1982,
panda coins provide fresh and innovative designs each year, unlike competing bullion coins from the U.S, Canada and South Africa, and set the standard for all modern Chinese coins.

The gold coins are 24 carat or .999 fine gold and vary considerably in weight from one twentieth of a troy ounce to one kilogram. They are one of the most attractive means for tangible gold ownership and investment with something to cater to all budgets and tastes.

About Panda Coins

Panda coins have been produced in the four precious metals of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Common coins can be acquired for small premiums over metal values whilst scarcer coins command larger premiums. Condition of the coin also plays a vital role in determining value, for example a somewhat rare panda coin can be worth little if the condition is not up to the standard expected by collectors and investors.

The charming nature and spirit of the panda bear is superbly captured on the various panda coin series and leaves people in awe of their charm and playfulness.

Panda coins can generally be divided into three different classes: brilliant uncirculated (BU) Panda coins, Proof Panda Coins and Commemorative Panda coins.

Most BU Panda are the most defensive investment asset class of the three. Values closely follow international precious metal prices which have been appreciating over time.

Proof Panda and Commemorative Pandas, on the other hand, are a more aggressive investment and their values affected strongly by the mintage and designs, making them generally worth more compared to the international precious metal prices. They are also in high demand by collectors and with their extremely finite supply and have a higher growth potential over a shorter period of time.

Panda coins have proven themselves as an excellent investment vehicle with superb collectibility making them desirable for investors and coin collectors alike. As a country with 1.3 billion plus citizens where precious metal ownership is encouraged as a means of saving and investing, there is no shortage of demand.

In China, the assembly of sets are popular for panda coin fans and can be assembled across a given year e.g. a five coin gold panda (1.9 oz) set from 1995 or a set can be put together with coins of a kind e.g. 1982 to 2012 1/10 oz gold panda set, 1987 to 1990 1 oz platinum panda set etc..

Coinex is a specialist retailer and wholesaler of precious metal modern Chinese coins working with domestic and international clients to achieve their investment and collecting objectives. Our prices are anywhere from five to twenty-five percent less than those advertised by mainland retailers. Contact us today to find out more on collecting and investing in Chinese panda coins!