1987 1 oz Platinum Panda NY Expo Medal

Proof Medal

About the 1987 1 oz Platinum Panda NY Expo Medal Proof Medal

Shown here is the platinum medal issued to commemorate the 16th New York International Coin Exposition in 1987.  The medal was one of two struck in this year commemorating the event - the other being a similar medal but made of gold.  As they are medals and are not conventional coins, they have no face value.  Both medals in the set are proof pieces the platinum has a 99.95% purity, the gold medal is 99.9% and each weigh one troy ounce.  While the gold medal has a mintage of 2,000, the platinum medal pictured above has a mintage of only 1,000.  Current estimates on its market value suggest that the platinum medal is worth approximately 50% more than its gold counterpart.

The two medals share the same design.  The highly detailed and beautiful obverse face shows the 1987 New York City skyline as viewed from across the water of the harbour.  The Twin Towers, tragically destroyed in the infamous terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001, are particularly striking in the image.  Also visible are the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building - another two prominent and iconic landmarks which are internationally associated with New York. 

Inset in the sky above the buildings is a depiction of the Great Wall of China, a landmark embodying the power, history, and culture of China.  The positioning of these two iconic images together on the same face the theme of the medal: Sino-American Friendship.  At the top of the face is an inscription in English reading: “Sino-American Friendship New York City N.Y. 1987”.  At the bottom of the face is a similar inscription but in Chinese characters.  Above the image of the Great Wall an inscription reads: “The Great Wall of China”, written in both Chinese and English.

The reverse face of both medals shows a picture of a panda sat grasping a bamboo shoot in one paw, and cradling its cub with the other.  The cub is also shown holding a smaller bamboo plant.  Below the image is an inscription briefly giving the specifications of the coin.


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