1988 1 oz Platinum Panda

100 Yuan Proof Coin

About the 1988 1 oz Platinum Panda 100 Yuan Proof Coin

Above is one of 15 coins issued in 1988 as part of the ongoing and highly popular Panda series.  One platinum, two silver, and 12 gold Panda coins were produced in this year.  This coin is the 1988 platinum Panda coin of the series with the following specifications.  It is a 1oz platinum proof coin of 99.95% fineness, measuring 32mm in diameter with a face value of 100 yuan.  It was struck at the Shenyang Mint with a mintage of 2,000.  This coin is also one of a four-coin set of 100 yuan platinum Pandas.

The design on the obverse face is of the Temple of Heaven, specifically the iconic Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests.  The temple complex dates from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).  It was the site of ceremonial sacrifices to Heaven made by the Ming and Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) emperors on the 15th day of the first lunar month each year.  The hall is the centrepiece of the entire complex and was constructed in 1420 AD.  It measures 36m across and 38m high.  Although it is built upon a marble base, remarkably the hall itself is made entirely of wood with no nails.  The characters: “The People's Republic of China” appear above the image, while the year of production, 1988, appears below.

The design on the reverse face is shows a lone panda bear sat on a rock harvesting some bamboo shoots.  Around the top edge of the coin face is an inscription of the specifications of the coin reading: “Contains 1oz Platinum, Fineness .9995, 1oz Pt.”  On the bottom edge of reverse face is the face value, 100 yuan.


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