1990 1 oz Platinum Panda

100 Yuan Proof Coin

About the 1990 1 oz Platinum Panda 100 Yuan Proof Coin

Pictured here is one of four 1oz platinum Panda coin designs.  Issued in 1990, this coin also forms part of the 1990 Panda series, in which there are 19 Panda coins.  The 1990 1oz platinum Panda is the key date coin of the four 1oz platinum Pandas.  It is rare and particularly difficult to obtain, partly due to claims by researchers that actual mintage figures are much lower than those originally planned.  While officially 1,300 coins were struck at the Shanghai Mint, some experts claim that as few as 800 were produced.

The proof coin measures 32mm in diameter, is of 99.95% fineness, and has a denomination of 100 yuan.  The obverse face shows a picture of the visually striking Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, located at the centre of the meticulously designed Temple of Heaven in Beijing.  The temple was specifically designed to reflect the theme of Heaven and is saturated with symbolism, particularly in terms of the layout of the complex.  Dating from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the central hall featured in the picture was finished in 1420.  The year of issue is struck below the image, with the inscription “The People's Republic of China” struck above it.

An image of a panda stood on all fours on a rocky outcrop is the design featured on the reverse face.  This beautiful creature is shown next to its food source, the bamboo plant.  This design is also the same as that featured on the brilliant uncirculated and proof gold sets issued in 1990.  The denomination is struck at the base of the coin face, while the inscription “Contains 1oz Platinum Purity .9995 1oz Pt” struck around the top of the reverse face.


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