Dear CoinEx users, a CoinEx Contract, a crypto derivative product developed by the CoinEx team, is highly leveraged and risky. Hence, the user must fully understand the risks involved in relation to contract trading and the trading rules on CoinEx. By using CoinEx Contracts, you acknowledge and agree that you are aware of and willing to accept the following risks.

1. Risk of Price Fluctuation Crypto derivative products are special products with investment value. Due to various factors, the prices are subject to wild fluctuations. Therefore, the user is presented with the difficulty of comprehensively grasping the market in trading, with the result that investment mistakes might be made in the process. Should any huge trading loss occur for inadequate risk management, the user is solely responsible for the loss.

2. Risk of Forced Liquidation The user must have a comprehensive understanding that a crypto derivative product is highly leveraged and is where rapid profits or losses are possible. If the market moves against the user's trading direction, the user may suffer huge losses. Operations to add additional digital currency margins or to reduce the position should be made depending on the user's loss. Otherwise, the user's positions will be liquidated and the user is solely responsible for the consequences.

3. Risk of Trading Once an order is submitted on CoinEx, it is irrevocable. The user must accept the risks involved in the trading. In addition, the exchange does not guarantee or share any profits and risks with the user.

4. Risk of Regulatory Landscape Crypto derivative products are also subject to risks of various regulatory landscapes. Hence, the user should evaluate the local laws and regulations before making investment decisions.

5. Force Majeure The user is liable for losses caused by failures to fill or execute the order due to any cause outside CoinEx’s control, including but not limited to force majeure events such as earthquake, flood, fire, and system or communication failures.

6. Other Possible Risks It may pose high risks to the user and the market when the user uses any highly leveraged contract. Possible actions might be taken by CoinEx on the grounds that the market stability might be significantly affected by the user, including but not limited to communication, revealing risks, forced underweight, forced liquidation and so on, and it will give the users written explanations.


Users are denied the access and the use of CoinEx Contracts if they are located in the following countries/regions: The United States, China, Iraq, Hong Kong, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Malaysia, Syria, East Samoa (United States), Puerto Rico, Guam, Bangladesh, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan.