CoinEx Options Trading Service ("Service") is a derivatives service of digital currency launched by NodeEx Holding Limited ("We") on CoinEx. When using the Service, you should read and comply with this Agreement, CoinEx Terms of Service and the relevant trading rules announced by CoinEx. We reserve the right to unilaterally modify, change or delete the aforementioned terms without sending notice to you. By registering or using any of the services under this Agreement, you are deemed to have read and agreed to be bound by this Agreement and related modifications.


Risk Disclosures


Options trading are highly risky. Please fully understand the risks of options trading and the trading rules announced by the CoinEx before you open an option trading. You should self-assess and control the investment value and investment risks of digital asset, and trade based on your own economy conditions and risk tolerance. You are fully aware that your investment in digital assets can result in a profit or losses. By opening the Service, you are fully aware of and willing to assume the risk of the Service, also the resulting economic losses are entirely at your own risk.


Representations and Warranties


You are guaranteed to be at least 18 years of age; the contents of this Agreement do not violate the laws of the country or region (jurisdiction) where you live or hold citizenship.  Your jurisdiction allows you to use the Service, and you will abide by the appropriate laws.


You are not listed on any trade or economic sanctions list or export control list, you are not the residents of any other jurisdiction of United States, China, Somalia, Iraq, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Lebanon, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Afghanistan, Guinea-Bissau, Central African Republic, Yemen, South Sudan, Mali, Syria, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Balkan, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Crimea, Venezuela or the other jurisdictions where CoinEx’ services are restricted.


You are the legal owner of the digital asset in the account, the source of the digital asset is legal, and you own the addresses of digital currency you provided; you will not use the Service or the digital assets associated with the Service for any illegal purpose.


Product Rules


Please pay attention to the products and trading rules published on the CoinEx, and the products and trading rules will be revised from time to time.



Digital currency options trading are divided into call option and put option. A call option refers to a user holding an option can buy a corresponding amount underlying at the strike price on the expiration date, or obtain a profit arising from the final settlement price above the strike price. A put option means that the user holding the option can sell the corresponding amount underlying to the option seller on the expiration date, or obtain a profit arising from the final settlement price lower the strike price.


The delivery method of the option hereunder is the differentials delivery, which means that the exercise party has the right to obtain the income according to the prices difference of the strike price and the final settlement price.


The fee standard of the Service will be announced on CoinEx, and we can adjust the fee standard according to market conditions.


If there is a market abnormality before or after the delivery time or settlement time, resulting in a large fluctuation in the final settlement price, or other market anomalies, we have the right to delay the delivery and settlement according to the specific circumstances. The specific rules are subject to the CoinEx announcements.


Trading Rules


When the user places a buy order and closes the transaction, we will deduct the corresponding amount of margin required for the order from the user account according to the actual transaction quantity and price, and increase the corresponding number of options positions for the user.


When the user places a sell order and close the transaction, we will deduct the corresponding number option positions from the user account according to the actual transaction quantity and price, and increases the sales currency in the user account.


When an option expires, we will stop trading the option at 20:00 (Beijing time) on the expiration date of this option


When an option expires on the expiration date, if the user is able to obtain profit after exercising the option, we will automatically perform the contract for the user and deliver the profit due to the user.


For all the behaviors of maliciously manipulating prices, maliciously affecting trading systems and other improper trading behaviors, we have the right to restrict transactions, suspend transactions, reversely cancel completed transactions, freeze accounts, rollback transactions for a

period of time and take other means to eliminate adverse effects. 



Limitation of Liability


You shall defend, indemnify, and hold CoinEx and us harmless from any claims or actions (including reasonable legal fees) arising out of your breach of this Agreement, improper use of the Service, any violation of any law, or any infringement of any third party rights.


We do not warrant that the services and information provided will adequately meet your requirements. We do not make any guidance, forecasts, warranties or guarantees regarding the price of the digital currency and do not assume any legal responsibility for the information or services provided by users or third parties.


If CoinEx is unable to operate normally due to the following conditions, and you are unable to use the services or can not properly place the order, we will not bear any responsibility, loss or risk caused by your use of the service, and we have the right to cancel the abnormal transaction results according to the actual situation, and roll back all the deals for a certain period of time. These conditions include but not limited to: 

·            Failures of data transmission or slow webpage caused by the telecommunication equipment malfunction; 

·            CoinEx system is not able to perform business due to force majeure factors such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, blackouts, wars, terrorist attacks, etc.; 

·            Service interruption or delay caused by hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion or seizures, technical adjustments or failures in the telecommunications sector, website upgrades, temporary closures due to government regulations, etc.; 

·            Losses due to technical problems that cannot be predicted or solved by existing technical forces in the industry; 

·            Loss to you or other third parties due to the fault or delay of the third party;

·            CoinEx system downtime maintenance; or

·            Transaction risks caused by various factors such as server gateway bottleneck and unstable website access.


Miscellaneous Clauses


Our failure to exercise or delay the exercise of any right under this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any right.


When any provision of this Agreement is held invalid, ineffective, unenforceable or illegal, the validity and enforceability of the other terms are not affected. 


This Agreement is available in Chinese and English. If there is a conflict, the Chinese version shall prevail. The final interpretation right of this Agreement belongs to us.