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CoinEx Daily

CoinEx Daily: Avalanche Ecosystem Sparks Pangolin's Rally, Aptos Labs Reinvents Move

2023-11-13 12:00:00

CoinEx Top Gainer——【Pangolin (PNG)】

In the past 24 hours, Pangolin (PNG) surged by an impressive 140%, solidifying its position as a top performer. Operating as a multichain decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX), Pangolin spans networks like Avalanche, Songbird, Flare, and Hedera. Initiating an 8-week-boosted farm campaign on Songbird and Flare on November 11th, the platform leverages its early native presence on Avalanche, benefitting from the market's heightened focus on the Avalanche ecosystem. Concurrently, the last 48 hours witnessed notable price hikes in various Avalanche projects, including Heroes Chained (HEC), Avalaunch (XAVA), and Platypus Finance (PTP).

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CoinEx News Nosh——【Aptos Labs Reinvents Move】

Aptos Labs pioneers advancements in Move, the secure smart contract language used by various blockchains. Their latest innovation, the Aptos Move Compiler, introduces groundbreaking features to augment Move's minimalist design without compromising security. Notable additions include Receiver Style Function Calls, First Class Higher Order Functions, and User Defined Abilities. This compiler aims to fill gaps in Move's original design, propelling the language to new heights. Aptos Labs plans to roll out these enhancements in the first half of 2024, seeking community feedback through Aptos Improvement Proposals.

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