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CoinEx Daily

CoinEx Daily: HMND surged by 33% in the past 24 hours, EMURGO released Cardano 2024 roadmap

2023-12-29 12:00:00

CoinEx Top Gainer——【Humanode (HMND) 】

Humanode (HMND) has seen a major rally, with prices rising 33% in the last 24 hours. Humanode is a network based on cryptographically secure bio-authorized nodes. Recently with the latest biometric upgrade, the liveness of Humanode has now 1 in 100k error rate.

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CoinEx News Nosh——【EMURGO released Cardano 2024 roadmap】

Cardano developer EMURGO has released their 2024 roadmap, with the upcoming Chang hard fork set to introduce consensus mechanisms and kick off the bootstrapping phase for Cardano's governance model. EMURGO also noted that over 150 projects have been launched on Cardano so far, with more than 1,300 additional projects currently in development.

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