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CoinEx Daily

CoinEx Daily: Animal Concerts Roars with a 156% Surge, Klaytn Breaks Ground with $GPC and Goldstation Integration

2024-01-03 12:00:00

CoinEx Top Gainer ——【Animal Concerts (ANML) 】

Animal Concerts has experienced a remarkable surge of 156% in the last 24 hours. The project specializes in streaming interactive metaverse concerts, providing a platform for both established and emerging artists to create immersive fan experiences. Highlighting the evolution of music into the metaverse, Animal Concerts positions itself at the forefront, offering novel opportunities for musicians and fans alike. With hints of an impending transition into the metaverse, the project's narrative of leading the way in metaverse music is likely to capture significant interest.

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CoinEx News Nosh ——【Klaytn Breaks Ground with $GPC and Goldstation Integration】

South Korean blockchain, Klaytn, achieves a milestone by integrating $GPC (Gold-Pegged Coin) and Goldstation DeFi, introducing the first DeFi tokenized gold outside Ethereum. Developed by Kakao, Klaytn offers users the unique $GPC token by CREDER without percentage-based fees, providing low gas fees and encouraging modest gold investments. The collaboration sets the stage for diverse global projects in metal RWA tokenization between the Klaytn Foundation and CREDER.

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