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CoinEx Research

CoinEx Research: Port3 Network, from Vision to Reality in Social Data Dynamics

2024-01-07 16:00:00

Key Takeaways

  • Innovative Social Data Layer: Port3 pioneers a secure L2 network, minimizing gas fees for seamless data sharing.
  • Diverse Product Matrix: SoQuest, Bot Matrix, SoGraph, QaaS, and BQL create a dynamic foundation for enhanced user engagement.
  • Remarkable Achievements: Notable milestones include versatile SoQuest, BRC20 integration, and successful product launches, building a robust user and community base.
  • Strong Financial Backing: Securing millions, Port3 gains support from DWF Labs, Jump Crypto, KuCoin Ventures and ViaBTC Capital, showcasing confidence in its vision.
  • Balanced Tokenomics: $PORT3 token's diversified utility and distribution model ensures strategic sustainability for long-term community engagement.


Port3 harnesses off-chain/on-chain data to create a universally accessible Social Data Layer on a secure L2 network, minimizing gas fees and facilitating seamless data sharing. This innovative infrastructure operates through three pivotal phases:

l Data Collection, where a diverse range of user activities is comprehensively gathered, including on-chain, off-chain, Web2, and Web3 data.

l Data Standardization, employing a robust processing workflow to analyze and condense vast datasets into practical indicators, identity tags, and other usable formats.

l Data Application, acting as a cornerstone, supporting the functionalities of upper-layer applications, and making Port3 a dynamic and responsive social data layer.

The product matrix of Port3 serves as a dynamic foundation for building a robust Social Data Layer. Key components include:

l SoQuest, a Web3 Native Quest Platform, enables projects and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to create Spaces, initiating on-chain/off-chain Quest activities. The mobile app fosters communities and educates new users.

l Bot Matrix, analyzes social actions, providing essential functions like token quotes and market sentiment analysis. These bots aggregate and normalize data from various social platforms, ensuring organized data for project analysis.

l SoGraph Analysis Platform merges LunarCrush and Nansen elements, this platform tracks token market trends, KOL interactions, and social activities. It transforms off-chain and on-chain data into market indicators, fostering a positive feedback loop.

l QaaS (Quest as a Service), seamlessly embeds Quest capabilities into project web pages with QaaS Widget. It allows teams to monitor activity, project traffic growth, and conversion effects through a comprehensive dashboard with users billed based on usage.

l Blockchain Quest Language (BQL) automates on-chain operations, converting users into on-chain participants effortlessly. This streamlines the user experience, enhancing the project's functionality.


Product Development:

Port3 has achieved significant milestones in product development, notably with its flagship product, SoQuest. Supporting over 20 layers, including Layer1 and Layer 2 with most EVMs, SoQuest seamlessly integrates with more than 20 crypto wallets for Web3 users. Its user-friendly approach extends to Web3 newcomers, offering connections through popular Web2 platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Email.

As a pioneer in supporting the BRC20 Ecosystem, SoQuest has successfully integrated with Unisat. The Dedicated BRC20 Hub, a specific page on its website, serves as a centralized hub for BRC20 projects, showcasing Port3's strong crypto-native mindset.

Before transitioning to building the Social Data Layer, Port3 demonstrated innovation by launching products like QaaS and BQL, empowering SoQuest. QaaS enhances project websites by embedding quests, amplifying engagement for business users, while BQL serves as a user-friendly On-chain Interaction Workflow tool for entry-to-medium level Web3 users. These market-fit products collectively establish a robust foundation for the Social Data Layer.

Robust User and Community Data:

By the end of 2023, SoQuest boasts impressive statistics, having launched over 110,000 campaigns with 6 million participants. With a user base exceeding 2 million and engagement from 4000+ projects, SoQuest achieves a daily active user (DAU) count exceeding 50,000. The integration of DAO Tools Bots enhances data authenticity, covering 11.5 million and 7.9 million users across Discord and Telegram communities, respectively.

The success extends to BQL, launched in mid-2023, with a total trading volume surpassing 800 million USD through mining program promotion activities. Port3's rapid growth on social media platforms further solidifies its presence and community strength, creating a thriving ecosystem for users and projects alike.

Funding and Backing

In August 2023, Port3 Network successfully concluded a groundbreaking financing round, securing millions of dollars in funding. Key contributors in this round included EMURGO, Adaverse Accelerator, Gate Labs, and others. Further reinforcing its financial backing, DWF Labs joined as an additional supporter in October 2023, emphasizing their confidence in Port3's on-chain interactive automation language, BQL.

Prior to this, Port3 Network had secured a $3 million seed round of financing, led by KuCoin Ventures and Jump Crypto, with participation from ViaBTC Capital, SNZ, Moemtum6 and others.

In terms of other financial backing, Port3 has received funding and grants from various sources, including Binance Labs, Mask Network, and Aptos, indicating external recognition of its value proposition.

On January 7th, Port3 initiated its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) across various platforms, including Bounce Brand, WePad, FLYBTC, and Poolz Finance, demonstrating its integration into BTC ecosystems. Subsequently, on January 8th, Port3 achieved listing on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges simultaneously, including Bybit, CoinEx,, and Kucoin, further expanding its market reach.

Token Economics

$PORT3 stands as the governance backbone of Port3 Network, facilitating user engagement in pivotal decision-making processes.

Key Aspects of $PORT3 Token:

Token Ticker: $PORT3

Total Supply: 1 Billion

Network: Ethereum

Contract Address: 0xb4357054c3dA8D46eD642383F03139aC7f090343

Utilities of $PORT3 Token:

  •  Empowers users to propose and vote on community decisions.
  •  Enables staking for platform dividend earnings.
  •  Serves as a staking token for Port3 Network L2 nodes.
  •  Functions as a gas token for Port3 Network L2.
  •  Acts as a payment token for the Social Data Layer.
  •  Facilitates payments for BQL running credit and SoQuest credit purchases.

Token Distribution:

  • Ecosystem (36%): Reserved for future developer incentives, initially locked, and available for L2 node plans.
  • Treasury (10%): Set aside for potential future expansion.
  • Team (20%): Subject to a 1-year cliff, linearly released quarterly over 3 years.
  • Private Sale (21%): Allocated for early investors, with 2.5% unlocked at TGE, a 3-month cliff, and linear vesting over 24 months.
  • Airdrop (7%): Distributed across 3 seasons, with 25% unlocked at TGE, followed by linear releases over 10 months (Season 1: 3%, Season 2: 3%, Season 3: 1%).
  • Marketing (5%): Reserved for operational-related budgets.
  • Public Sales(1%): Fully unlocked.

The $PORT3 token structure ensures a balanced distribution, aligning with long-term project sustainability. Its diverse utility underscores its integral role in shaping the decentralized governance and operational facets of the Port3 Network.


In 2024, Port3 Network anticipates an exhilarating trajectory, commencing with significant milestones such as fundraising through Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) and community airdrops in Q1. Concurrently, it plans to list $PORT3 on centralized exchanges (CEX) and unveil a staking plan for $PORT3, enhancing user participation. The introduction of the SoQuest LaunchPad adds a layer of innovation to the ecosystem.

Q2 brings further advancements, with the release of Bitcoin BQL and BQL natural language processing, followed by the launch of Port3 Network Layer 2 (L2) testnet. Moving into Q3, Port3 foresees the grand launch of the Port3 Network L2 mainnet and the introduction of the Web3 data layer.

Q4 promises a user breakthrough, aiming to reach 10 million users, setting the stage for its ambitious 2025 plan: the development of an expansive Data Layer Ecosystem. 

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