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CoinEx Speaker Series

Unlocking Bitcoin's Potential: The Power of Layer 2

2024-04-02 10:23:34


On March 27th, 2024, a Twitter Space event titled "Unlock Bitcoin's Potential: The Power of Layer 2" brought together several experts and thought leaders to discuss the emerging landscape of Bitcoin layer-2 solutions and their potential impact on the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

The panel featured:

  • Elian Decrypto, Chief Meme Officer at Inscribed Satoshis
  • Claudio Cossio, Co-Founder of METAPOOL  
  • Cookie, Founder of Pizza Lab
  • Jeff Ko, Senior Researcher at CoinEx

The discussion aimed to explore the rise of layer 2 scaling solutions for Bitcoin, their advantages and challenges compared to Ethereum layer 2s, the growth of the Ordinals and Bitcoin NFT market, and the future of technologies like DeFi and the Lightning Network on Bitcoin.

Key topics addressed included:

  1. Emerging promising Bitcoin layer 2 projects like Merlin Chain, BitSquare, Stacks, and their potential market share capture.
  2. The role of layer 2s in addressing Bitcoin's scalability challenges and their evolution shaping Bitcoin's growth trajectory.
  3. The Rise of Bitcoin NFTs and the Ordinal Ecosystem
  4. The prospects for DeFi applications built around BRC20 tokens on the Bitcoin mainnet.
  5. Opportunities on Bitcoin Layer-2 Solutions
  6. The engaging discussion provided insights from diverse perspectives on this rapidly evolving space within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Key Discussion Points

1. The Rise of Bitcoin Layer 2 Solutions

The introduction of Ordinals and BRC20 tokens has catalyzed an influx of capital and interest in the Bitcoin ecosystem, paving the way for various layer 2 solutions. Prominent projects discussed include Merlin Chain, BitSquare, Babylon, Stacks, and the Rune Protocol, each offering unique scalability and asset issuance approaches. Experts emphasized the potential for massive competition among layer 2 solutions, with an estimated 20% of the Bitcoin market expected to be on layer 2 within the next 24 months.

2. Addressing Scalability Challenges

While Bitcoin and Ethereum share the objective of enhancing transaction throughput and reducing costs, their approaches differ due to underlying principles and applications. Bitcoin solutions primarily focus on payment efficiency and asset issuance without modifying the original protocol, while Ethereum solutions extend smart contract capabilities. Advantages of Bitcoin Layer 2 include interoperability with Ethereum, simplicity, and the potential for robust solutions due to a narrower focus on Bitcoin's primary use cases.

3. The Rise of Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs

The panel furtherly discussed the surge in transaction volume and floor prices of Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collections like Milk Monkeys has sparked competition with Ethereum's NFT market, even briefly exceeding Ethereum NFT volumes. However, Ethereum still maintains a strong foothold with established giants like Blur and OpenSea, along with a more mature ecosystem of projects and marketplaces. While it's too early to declare an outright winner, the rise of Ordinals has opened an exciting new chapter and attracted NFT enthusiasts to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

4. Bitcoin Decentralized Finance Applications

The DeFi landscape on the Bitcoin mainnet is evolving, with Bitfinity leading the way by using BTC as collateral for lending and borrowing. Claudio is pleased with the Lightning Network's success in onboarding new developers for decentralized applications. This mirrors Ethereum's DeFi beginnings but aligns with Bitcoin's principles of decentralization and cryptocurrency utility. Despite these advancements, gaps persist in BRC20 token network development. Users should thoroughly review project audits, code quality, and community support before participating in DeFi protocols.

5. Navigating Opportunities on Bitcoin Layer 2

Experts encouraged retail investors to participate in testnets, airdrops, and community events organized by layer 2 projects to gain exposure and potential rewards. The panel advocated for a cautious approach, advising against risking more than one can afford to lose and emphasizing the importance of thorough research and risk management. Optimism was expressed about Bitcoin's long-term potential, with the belief that anything finding a product-market fit in the cryptocurrency space will eventually find its way into the Bitcoin ecosystem.


The Twitter Spaces session provided a comprehensive overview of the emerging layer 2 landscape on Bitcoin, highlighting the potential for scalability, DeFi, and the growth of the overall ecosystem. As the industry continues to evolve, the insights shared by the panellists serve as a valuable resource for investors, developers, and enthusiasts navigating the rapidly changing Bitcoin landscape.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions, such as Ordinals and BRC20 tokens, are driving capital influx and competition.
  2. Bitcoin's Layer 2 solutions prioritize payment efficiency and asset issuance, offering simplicity and interoperability with Ethereum, while Ethereum focuses on extending smart contract capabilities.
  3. The rise of Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs, exemplified by collections like Milk Monkeys, presents a formidable challenge to Ethereum's NFT dominance, attracting enthusiasts to Bitcoin's ecosystem.
  4. Bitfinity pioneers BTC collateralization in DeFi, leveraging the Lightning Network's success in developer onboarding, aligning with Bitcoin's decentralized ethos while addressing BRC20 token network development gaps.
  5. Retail investors are encouraged to engage in layer 2 projects' testnets, airdrops, and community events cautiously. 
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