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CoinEx P2P Tutorial: How P2P Merchants Can Settle in CoinEx and Post Ads

2024-06-06 10:17:25

For P2P merchants, joining a crypto asset trading platform not only opens up new revenue channels but also increases brand exposure and attracts global users. More importantly, settling in a crypto asset trading platform allows P2P merchants to seamlessly integrate into a powerful market network—leveraging the platform’s user base and global network to expand their business.

Currently, CoinEx is recruiting P2P merchants globally, offering a series of exclusive benefits and advanced features. Furthermore, it plans to waive fees for both P2P merchants and users for a year. CoinEx P2P merchants can enjoy advantages such as no deposit and pre-frozen funds, ad listings without inventory constraints, order flexibility with pending confirmation, quick merchant status switching, and advanced custom settings.

How do you become a P2P merchant on CoinEx and post ads? This article will explain the specific steps.

I. Becoming a CoinEx P2P Merchant

1. Visit CoinEx's official website (, log in to your account, and select [P2P Trading] under [Fiat] in the top-left corner.

2. When you click [Buy/Sell] or other feature entrances, the P2P access verification pop-up will appear. Simply follow the instructions in the pop-up to obtain your P2P permissions.

3. Click [Post Ads] in the top-right corner of the page. Complete the required verifications and click [Submit] to activate merchant permissions.

4. After successful submission, you can access the [Merchant Admin] to perform various merchant operations.

II.Posting Ads

1. Access [Merchant Admin], select [Ad Management], and click [Add Buying Ad] or [Add Selling Ad].

2. On the "Ad Settings" page, select the fiat currency and price and enter other information sequentially. Below are detailed explanations for each field:

(1) Fiat Currency

CoinEx supports most fiat currencies, and you can freely choose the fiat currency you want to post on your ad.

(2) Price

The right side shows the real-time exchange rate between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. You can enter a price depending on your preference, but it is recommended not to deviate too much from the market rate.

(3) Inventory Mode

Under "No Inventory Mode", the quantity in your ad will not decrease when an order is placed by a counterparty.

Under "In Inventory Mode", when your inventory is exhausted, the ad will automatically become invalid.

(4) Inventory Count

You can freely set the quantity within the range. The Inventory Count needs to be greater than the Single Order Limit.

(5) Single Order Limit

This parameter determines the fiat currency limit for orders placed by the counterparty. If the exchange rate for your chosen fiat currency is unavailable, the Single Order Limit will be based on the price you input.

3. Select the payment method associated with the ad. If you are posting a selling ad, you need to add bank account information in the "Payment Method" section.

4. Set Advanced conditions and trade remarks.

(1) The filtering conditions will affect whether your counterparty can place an order.

(2) The trade remarks will be displayed in the order pop-up.

(3) The auto-reply message will be automatically sent in the chat window.

After the settings are completed, click [Submit] to post the ad.

5. Once the ad is released, you can re-enter the [Merchant Admin] > [Manage Ads], and click on the [Edit/Pencil] icon on the right of the ad to make changes.

III.Efficiently Managing Orders as a Merchant

1. As a merchant on CoinEx, you will receive instant push notifications when there are updates on your P2P orders, ensuring you stay informed and can take swift action.

2. To streamline your order processing, simply access the [Merchant Admin] and click on the [Process Orders] located on the left side. This will allow you to conveniently monitor the number of pending orders awaiting your attention.

3. Within the "Pending Order" tab, you can efficiently navigate through different orders, enabling you to manage and process them with ease.

CoinEx hopes that by recruiting high-quality P2P merchants globally, it can not only collectively explore broader market prospects but also collaborate with more merchants to establish a diverse, open, and efficient fiat on/off-ramp channel, thereby building a robust CoinEx P2P ecosystem together.

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