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MOTHER Solana's Meme Coin On A Bull Run Despite Rocky Initial Launch

2024-06-07 02:06:30

If you are a die-hard fan of Iggy Azalea's music and career, here's your chance to finally show your support. MOTHER Iggy (MOTHER) is a cryptocurrency launched by Iggy Azalea, and it's blowing up on X and the crypto space. 

Today, we have a new wave of meme tokens that are gaining traction in the crypto community—tokens inspired by top singers and artists who support the crypto world, for instance, MOTHER. With that in mind, let's learn more about this cryptocurrency. 

What is MOTHER Iggy (MOTHER)?

The MOTHER is a Solana meme coin launched after Iggy showed interest in crypto. And like any other meme coin, MOTHER serves no real-life purpose other than showing love and support for Mother Iggy Azalea. 

Meme coin's bullish trends are driven by hype, and this coin is not any different. Iggy has been a massive influence on the cause, tweeting as often as possible to spur conversations around MOTHER. So far, this coin has amassed a market cap of over 100 million dollars, which is quite impressive. 

The Price of Rise on CoinEx: MOTHER Price Change

Iggy's bullish tweeting has led to drastic upward movement within the month. And with the increased interest, MOTHER was able to hit an ATH of $0.159 this week. That's the highest this coin has ever hit, considering this is a meme coin barely a month old. 

So far, MOTHER doesn't seem to have any ceiling or resistance level, which is quite wild, especially in the crypto world. That means Iggy's tweets and fame solely drive this coin. While that might be an enticing reason, it also means this meme coin has almost no support level. 

Technically, for any long-term trader, that's an extremely high risk. But overall, the entire crypto market is potentially risky. The reality is Iggy might not stop hyping this coin up and the community. That translates to a bullish trend, through and through. 

And with the current hype around meme coins and celebrity meme coins, MOTHER could potentially clock in a considerable bull trend soon. However, nothing would stop this coin from coming down hard if anything were to happen to this community. 

That's why it's important to only trade money you are willing to lose and engage with a platform that offers quick and safe trading options. Considering all factors, the best place to trade MOTHER is on CoinEx. 


*This article does not constitute investment advice.

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