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Blockchain Exploration at Brazil's ITA University: CoinEx Charity Collaborates with Polkadot

2024-06-07 07:42:24

Blockchain technology, known for its decentralization and transparency, is at the forefront of enterprise technological innovation. In Brazil, the interest in blockchain technology originated from cryptocurrency transactions, notably Bitcoin. With the support of regulatory bodies like the Central Bank and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), Brazil has been actively exploring blockchain technology to position itself as a global advocate in the realm of crypto assets. Consequently, blockchain applications have expanded beyond cryptocurrency into sectors such as finance, agriculture, logistics, and public administration. Despite the significant potential of blockchain technology, challenges persist in its practical application in Brazil, primarily due to a lack of public awareness and a shortage of skilled professionals, leading to a dearth of blockchain talent.

To address this, CoinEx Charity collaborated with the renowned Web3 platform Polkadot to successfully organize a captivating blockchain charity lecture at Brazil's ITA University on June 4th. The event attracted the active participation of over 50 students and aimed to educate Brazilian students on blockchain while providing them with valuable resources.

This charity lecture marks the inaugural partnership between CoinEx Charity and leading project Polkadot, both acclaimed for their expertise and technical prowess in the blockchain field. At the event, CoinEx Charity and the Polkadot team delivered engaging presentations, delving into the fundamental principles of blockchain and its vast potential applications. The lively atmosphere fostered frequent interactions and discussions, with students enthusiastically posing questions, sharing perspectives, and engaging in meaningful dialogues with industry experts, yielding a rich exchange of ideas. The students from ITA University demonstrated a keen interest in the future development of blockchain technology, underscoring the pivotal role their involvement plays in advancing charity lecture activities and promoting blockchain adoption in Brazil.

This partnership between CoinEx Charity and Polkadot represents a novel initiative aimed at providing enhanced learning opportunities for students globally, empowering them to succeed in emerging technology fields. The charity lectures not only facilitate knowledge transfer but also embody the commitment of CoinEx Charity and Polkadot to promoting educational equity and resource sharing. Through such collaborations, both organizations aspire to offer more learning opportunities for students worldwide, empowering them to excel in the realm of emerging technologies. Future collaborations hold the promise of further contributions to global education efforts.

Since its inception, CoinEx Charity has adhered to the mission of "making the world a better place through blockchain," focusing on people and establishing a multi-million-dollar charity fund to support vulnerable groups globally. The organization actively engages in philanthropic initiatives to promote fair access to educational opportunities globally, while also aiming to inspire students' passion for learning and innovation, enhancing their technical abilities and employability.

In the current year, with the global charity lecture program underway, CoinEx Charity has successfully hosted multiple public education events in Brazil, Africa, Vietnam, Turkey, and Indonesia, with plans to extend activities to Nigeria, India, and Thailand, furthering sustainable education development. CoinEx Charity believes that the widespread adoption of charity lectures globally will ignite greater student interest in blockchain technology, contributing to the vibrant growth of the global blockchain industry.

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