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Top 5 BSC Tokens to Invest in 2024

2024-06-28 07:30:20


Cryptocurrency markets are rather dynamic; new projects and tokens are constantly being produced. Among them, Binance Coin (BNB) is noteworthy for its solid foundation combined with its actual application within the framework of the Binance platform. BNB just broke all-time highs; the market cap of BNB, the fourth largest cryptocurrency, is now over $85.49 billion. This immense price movement has translated into BNB Chain tokens (a.k.a. BSC tokens). 

This article will provide an in-depth look at BSC tokens and their significance in the crypto ecosystem, as well as a comprehensive guide to purchasing coins on CoinEx.

Top BSC Tokens to Invest In 2024

Investing in BNB Chain tokens can be a strategic move, given the growth and innovation within the Binance ecosystem. 

Here are some of the top BSC Tokens to consider for 2024:

1. Dexe (DEXE)

DeXe Network is a fully decentralized social trading platform incorporating cutting-edge DeFi trading technologies to enhance the Bitcoin asset portfolio environment. The DeXe Protocol enables DAO development and governance using cutting-edge infrastructure that promotes flexibility, meritocratic administration, and optimal incentive alignment. This unique protocol aims to assist the rapid and sustainable expansion of DAOs by igniting investors' enthusiasm to participate actively and meaningfully and emphasizing the significance of expertise. 

The DeXe (DEXE) token has surpassed the global cryptocurrency market, which has down 0.86% in the last days. The token is currently worth $10.97. The cryptocurrency has a market capitalization of $1,084,979,528.

Dexe (DEXE)

According to expert research, the DeXe token is anticipated to reach $36.01 with an ROI of 166.54% the following year. Given that the $DEXE coin remains vital to the decentralized financial ecosystem, this recent upward trend indicates that investors are more interested in and confident in the DEXE Protocol.

2. Pikamoon(PIKA)

The entire Pikaverse is governed by the native token and economic vehicle, Pikamoon. The token provides investors with various passive income streams, including staking, NFTs, and other options. Regarding the game, PIKA owners are granted access to the Pikaverse, which provides users with a diverse array of P2E game scenarios. Enhancements will probably increase the number of in-game P2E victories. It can be regarded as a means of investing to enhance earnings.

At its inception, Pikamoon implemented an innovative marketing approach. The endeavor achieved a successful presale inning. It commenced at a leisurely tempo but progressively generated a significant amount of excitement. Also, the funding surged during the PIKA ICO phase. The coin was recently listed on Bitget and MEXC. The coin is currently trading at $0.004983. with a fully diluated market capitalization of $24,890,741.


3. Iotex (IOTX)

Fast layer one blockchain platform IoTeX links IoT devices and users. One of the quickest, most secure, and most scalable Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible blockchains, it powers the IoT ecosystem. IoTeX handled 35 million machine, device, and human transactions in two years. Why is it different? Google Cloud-powered IoTeX is scalable, secure, and fast-to-launch with 99.9% uptime and 20% monthly growth.

Staking, transaction payouts, and on-chain governance may employ IOTX, the IoTeX blockchain's native token. IOTX simplifies network administration, decentralized identity registration, and blockchain device onboarding. From $0.04079 on June 25, 2024, IoTeX has a market worth of $407,878,670. The best news is that IOTX outpaced the global cryptocurrency market by 4.10% and gained 18.90% last week.

This token's investors are hopeful. IoTeX's development in the following years will be closely watched. IoTeX 2025 price forecasts range from $0.073603 to $0.54237. If it hits its price goal, IoTX may climb 278.33% by 2025. 

Iotex (IOTX)

4. SafePal

SafePal, a cryptocurrency wallet launched in 2018, helps customers build and protect their digital assets. It is an easy-to-use Bitcoin asset management tool. This technology, backed by crypto giant Binance, protects assets against attacks, improving security, user experience, and comprehensiveness. The platform aims to provide a decentralized, open-source offline wallet with advanced security. SafePal is a complete Bitcoin asset management solution.

SafePal's governance token is SFP. Any Binance Smart Chain wallet may accept this BEP-20 coin. SEP tokens cost $0.7582 and promise to join the bull race shortly. A market value of $379,250,230, and the SEP token has risen 110.13% to an all-time high.


This revolutionary platform has much to reveal. Investors want above 11% growth in the following days. Market analysts predict SafePal will cost $1.61 to $1.93 by early 2025. 

5. Chromia

Chromia, a decentralized blockchain network from Swedish firm Chromaway AB, provides an open-source platform for developers to create digital assets and smart contracts. Blockchain and relational databases provide dApps with traditional databases' logic, usability, and longevity. Chromia's tools allow developers to rapidly and easily construct various applications using its adaptability as a private, public, or hybrid blockchain. Chromia aims to create scalable, decentralized apps that tackle real-world challenges.

The native token, Chromia (CHR), powers the platform and connects investors, developers, and users. This coin is worth $0.7585 and has risen 2.62% in 24 hours. Chrome's market cap is $379,204,725, with 812,434,439 CHR tokens circulating and 978,064,789 CHR coins maxed out. 


Experts predict CHR will move between $0.511508 and $1.282267 in the following year. If Chromia meets its 2025 more significant value objective, it will climb 271.59% to $1.282263.

How to Buy BSC tokens on CoinEx

  • Create and Verify Your Account: Go to CoinEx, create an account if you do not have one by now, and, if needed, pass the identification process. 
  • Deposit Funds: buy the crypto, and you then transfer your funds to your CoinEx account. 
  • Purchase and Secure IOTX: Go to the markets area of exchange, look for the trading pair with IOTX/USDT, make your order, and swap your IOTX for USDT after the purchase. Then, move your IOTX to a safer wallet.


Despite the market run, BSC Tokens are doing nicely. Due to their low costs and fast transactions, they are growing and becoming one of the top smart contract networks. Considering the cryptocurrency market cap, the following list is carefully chosen. They are listed from highest to lowest market cap.  

Buying the correct BSC token may also work. We advise you to do research before investing.

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