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Raising Environmental Awareness: CoinEx Charity Sponsors Thai “Land of Smoke” Exhibition

2024-07-03 06:23:11

Thailand as a country can be counted as a place that has numerous polluted cities, some of which are famous for their levels of smoke and haze. The data from the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) come as Thailand's air quality is worsening. Widespread farm burning and forest fires, notably in the country's north, often create noxious smog at the beginning of the year. The start of 2024 has already seen a jump in cases of pollution-related diseases compared to the previous year. From 1.3 million in the first nine weeks of 2023, the number of people seeking treatment for pollution-related illnesses increased to 1.6 million at the start of 2024, AFP reported. 

Given the severity of the smog crisis in Thailand, a number of local charities have initiated myriad environmentally-focused philanthropic events. CoinEx Charity, as an international philanthropic organization, has shown continuous commitment to global environmental issues by engaging in eco-friendly initiatives across numerous countries. On June 30, 2024, CoinEx Charity extended its support as a sponsor to the "Land of Smoke" event organized by CNX NFTs in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

On June 30, 2024, CoinEx Charity extended its support as a sponsor to the "Land of Smoke" event organized by CNX NFTs in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This exhibition served as a platform for Chiang Mai's NFT artists to showcase their work in the physical world while highlighting the area's smog-related challenges. Featuring 22 emerging artists, the exhibition used art to document and underscore the seriousness of Chiang Mai's smog issue, thus promoting environmental awareness and provoking thought towards the smog crisis.

The Thai government holds the smog crisis in high esteem as an environmental project. The "Land of Smoke" exhibition, using innovative means such as NFTs, broadcasts an urgent call to action to combat Chiang Mai's smog pollution problem, while increasing public and global awareness towards the environmental issues in Chiang Mai.

The "Land of Smoke" Exhibition

Since its inception, CoinEx Charity, adhering to their mission of "making the world better through blockchain," has been actively participating and supporting various global charitable activities. Their involvement in the "Land of Smoke" exhibition marks a significant step in their continual commitment to social responsibility and promoting environmental consciousness.

CoinEx Charity Sponsors Thai “Land of Smoke” Exhibition

CoinEx Charity's provision of financial support and leveraging its brand influence for the exhibition, has garnered greater public attention and social involvement. They anticipate events such as these, not only aid Thailand in navigating its environmental problems but also kindle broader participation in environmental preservation.

A representative from CoinEx Charity shared, "We are incredibly honored to support the 'Land of Smoke' exhibition. We believe that these artist's works can heighten public awareness of Chiang Mai's smog crisis and motivate individuals to contribute towards environmental protection. Looking ahead, we'll continue to back diverse charitable initiatives and are excited to partner with more global charities and public welfare organizations, working together to champion a sustainable future for our planet."

In recent years, CoinEx Charity has been actively focused on global outreach through initiatives in education, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and medical support, among other areas. Through these diversified programs, CoinEx Charity has managed to provide significant support to vulnerable groups, thereby promoting community development and social progress.

In education, CoinEx Charity has been instrumental in pushing for the equitable distribution of resources. The organization has initiated measures such as donations of books and equipment to underserved regions, along with arranging for experts to impart requisite skills to local children, thereby shaping brighter educational futures.

For poverty alleviation, CoinEx Charity employs various methods to help improve the living conditions of underprivileged families. CoinEx Charity's significant gestures during major festivals by providing financial assistance and daily necessities, ensure basic livelihood for these families.

The organization's swift response and timely assistance during natural calamities and emergencies have been noteworthy. They have consistently demonstrated their commitment by providing both financial and material support, along with frontline medical aid during crucial periods of crisis.

Looking ahead, CoinEx Charity remains steadfast in amplifying its mission of "making the world better through blockchain", augmenting the reach of its philanthropic ventures, and forging partnerships to drive the global charity cause towards creating a brighter future for humanity.

About CoinEx Charity

CoinEx Charity is a non-profit organization under CoinEx, a global cryptocurrency exchange. Established in 2022, CoinEx Charity focuses its efforts on conducting philanthropic activities in various fields, such as education, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and medical support on a global scale. With a mission of "Making the world a better place via blockchain," we have continued to put people first and have set up a multimillion-dollar charity fund. Our efforts are dedicated to addressing the needs of vulnerable populations worldwide, actively engaging in philanthropic initiatives, bridging the wealth disparity, and promoting educational equity. We strive to be a provider of public services, a supporter of charitable organizations, and an advocate for public participation, ultimately driving the development of global philanthropy.

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