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What Is Tether Gold and How to Trade XAUT?

2024-07-03 02:38:03

The cryptocurrency space is continually developing, with new projects and tokens emerging to meet the diverse needs of investors and users. Tether Gold (XAUT) is a digital token that combines the stability of physical gold with the versatility of blockchain technology. Tether Gold gives you ownership of real physical gold. By tokenizing gold on a blockchain, users unlock a range of characteristics usually associated only with crypto assets.

In this article, we will explore the history and development of Tether, the overview, and benefits of investing in XAUT, delve into its technology, and provide a comprehensive guide to buying XAUT on CoinEx.

Tether Gold

What is Tether USDT?

Since its inception in 2014, Tether has changed the protocol in which we use fiat currencies in today’s realm. By leveraging blockchain technology, Tether offers a modern alternative to the traditional financial system. 

This initiative provides a stable and secure method for transacting with fiat currencies on the blockchain system, eliminating the volatility and complexity often associated with digital transactions. As the pioneer in facilitating the digital use of traditional currencies, Tether has simplified cross-border transactions, making them more accessible and efficient for users worldwide.

Tether USDT

Overview of XAUT

The core mission of XAUT Tether Gold is to democratize access to gold investment. By leveraging blockchain technology, XAUT aims to make gold more accessible, transparent, and secure. It addresses the challenges of traditional gold investment, such as storage and transportation, by providing a digital alternative that can be easily traded and transferred.

Even though gold is valuable in a portfolio, its physical nature makes it hard to store, verify, and transact. This initiative solves these issues by inheriting the blockchain’s monetary properties.

Gold has maintained its value throughout history, unlike fiat paper currency, coins, or other assets. It is seen as a means to pass on and preserve wealth from one generation to the next. Historically, gold has been an excellent hedge against inflation, as its price tends to rise when the cost of living increases.

In the current environment, where central banks are printing more money than ever, gold stands out as a valuable asset due to its scarcity. Diversification is key to investment success, and gold has historically correlated with stocks and other financial instruments. Properly diversified investors combine gold with stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies in their portfolios to reduce overall volatility and risk.

Key Features and Innovations

-Easily Redeemable: If you ever wish to redeem your XAUt tokens for physical gold, you can do so. This initiative ensures the delivery of physical gold bars to your specified address.

-24/7 Trading with Ease: Trading physical gold restricts you to specific locations and trading hours. In contrast, XAUt tokens can be traded around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world on exchanges that list XAUt tokens, specifically CoinEx.

-Easy Divisibility: Splitting physical gold bars is a challenging task, but XAUt tokens offer a solution. They are divisible into increments as small as 0.000001 fine troy ounces of gold, allowing for precise and flexible transactions.

- Easy to Transport: While moving physical gold is a cumbersome task, transporting your XAUt tokens is effortless. Just like other crypto-assets, you can carry your XAUt tokens with you wherever you go, making it convenient and straightforward.

-Effortless Storage: Storing physical gold can be costly and expose you to geopolitical risks. With XAUt tokens, storage is as straightforward as storing any other crypto-assets.


-Direct Gold Exposure: XAUt offers a unique blend of direct exposure to the price of physical gold, coupled with the ease of access and transactional convenience of a crypto asset.

-Direct Gold Exposure: The Neutral Monetary AssetGold stands as a neutral monetary asset, offering direct exposure to its intrinsic value. Its supply remains relatively scarce, and the production of new gold is geographically dispersed, ensuring a balanced and stable asset for investors worldwide.

-Invest in Gold Directly: Forget about ongoing custodian fees. When you buy or redeem XAUt from TG Commodities Limited, you'll only pay a one-time 25 basis point fee. Additional fees may apply during redemption.

XAUT Tokenomics

XAUT operates on a 1:1 ratio with physical gold. The tokenomics are designed to ensure that each token is fully backed by gold reserves, which are audited and reported regularly.

XAUT Tokenomics

How to Buy and Trade XAUT on CoinEx?

CoinEx is a global cryptocurrency exchange, trusted by 6+ millions of users worldwide with 100% reserve. With 1000+ tokens supported, including XAUT, users can now trade easily and seamlessly.

XAUT on CoinEx

Buying XAUT on CoinEx is straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Create an Account: Start by signing up for a CoinEx account. 
  2. Deposit Funds: After logging in, deposit funds into your CoinEx account using any supported cryptocurrencies or deposit methods available on the exchange. Having funds in your account enables you to execute trades seamlessly.
  3. Navigate to XAUT Trading Page: Once your account is funded, navigate to the dedicated XAUT trading page on CoinEx. You can locate XAUT trading pairs on the spot trading page using a search box and enter the term "XAUT" to find the associated pairs.
  4. Choose a Trading Pair: Select the trading pair XAUT/USDT to trade XAUT against USDT (Tether).
  5. Specify the Purchase Amount: The next step is to specify the number of XAUTs you wish to buy. You have the option to either buy them at the current market price or set a limit for your desired buying price on the trading page.
  6. Execute the Trade: With the specified amount, proceed to execute the trade. Confirm the details, and if you are satisfied, submit the order.

By following these comprehensive steps, you can easily trade XAUT tokens on CoinEx, taking advantage of the available trading pairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is XAUT Tether Gold Worth Buying?

XAUT Tether Gold is a valuable addition to any investment portfolio due to its stability and security. It is especially beneficial for those looking to hedge against market volatility.

2. How Secure is XAUT Tether Gold?

XAUT is highly secure, backed by physical gold stored in secure vaults, and benefits from the transparency and immutability of blockchain technology.

3. Can I Use XAUT for Payments?

While primarily an investment tool, XAUT can also be used for transactions where the stability of gold is preferred.

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