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Company Update

CoinEx’s June Brand Day Successfully Concludes, Continuously Creating More Value and Investment Opportunities for Users

2024-07-03 06:00:00

The global cryptocurrency trading platform, CoinEx, has announced that the June Brand Day "Buy TON with 50% Off" event has successfully concluded. According to official data from CoinEx, over 24,000 users have shown strong interest in this Brand Day event, with 3,500 eligible CoinEx users participating. Eventually, 1,000 fortunate winners had the chance to purchase TON with 50% off.

TON, as a blockchain project based on the Telegram platform, instantly caught the attention of the crypto market upon its launch. The TON ecosystem is rapidly expanding, leveraging integration with Telegram to provide various decentralized applications, tools, and services, showing significant market advantages and future development potential. The meme coin boom in 2024 also makes TON's market value favored by investors.CoinEx’s June Brand Day event helped TON investors reduce purchase costs and increased user investment returns, once again demonstrating the platform's firm commitment to creating more value and investment opportunities for users.

The core of the CoinEx Brand Day is to continuously create more value and investment opportunities for users, and convey the brand philosophy of giving back to users. Half a year since the launch of CoinEx Brand Day, as a leading cryptocurrency trading platform, CoinEx is committed to enhancing the user's trading experience and hopes to meet users' actual trading and investment needs through rewarding events such as Brand Day. At the same time, CoinEx is continuously increasing the stickiness between users and the platform, further enhancing users' recognition and identification with the CoinEx brand value.

In the second half of 2024, CoinEx Brand Day will continue to convey the brand philosophy of "users-first", and launch more promotions and investment opportunities matching the user needs according to the changes in market trends and user requirements. By strengthening interaction with users, diversifying event forms, and coin purchasing discounts, CoinEx will continue to enhance users' sense of participation and experience with Brand Day.

Since its establishment in 2017, while closely monitoring the crypto market trends and popular lanes, CoinEx has always been user-oriented and committed to launching more diversified product services, further enhancing the user's investment experience, and helping users explore the endless possibilities brought by crypto asset trading. With a secure and stable trading environment, continuously improved product services, and constantly enhanced brand value, CoinEx, while becoming a trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platform for global users, will also help more crypto enthusiasts steadily advance in their investment journey and effectively increase their assets.

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