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CoinEx's 1st Brand Day: Learn & Earn 1,000,000 CET

About CoinEx

Founded in 2017, CoinEx is a global cryptocurrency exchange committed to making crypto trading easier.

CoinEx Ethos: User first

CoinEx continues to refine its full suite of products and deliver a secure, easy-to-use cryptocurrency trading experience for all.

A Secure, Professional, and Trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange

1. Robust Security Infrastructure

Implementation of various advanced mechanisms including multi-signature protocols, system physical isolation, real-time monitoring, automatic alarm systems, etc., aiming to balance convenience and security of hot and cold wallets.

2. Comprehensive Product Function Experience

With user needs at the core, provide all-around coverage of various product functions including spot trading, contracts, margin trading, wealth management, strategy trading, and more.

3. Diverse Offerings of Digital Assets

Supports 800+ high-quality cryptocurrency assets with a rigorous listing process to balance user interests and comprehensive risk assessments.

4. Comprehensive Market Information

Real-time market monitoring and price change alerts, providing price information of over 1,100+ cryptocurrencies for users to stay updated on market trends.

5. Professional User Support

Available in 16 languages, serving users in over 200 countries and regions with a simple and smooth trading experience. Our international team provides localized services and customer care, delivering outstanding and professional user support.

6. User-centric Education and Growth

Provides crypto asset and blockchain technology education to nurture a professional community atmosphere and empower users in their crypto growth journey.

CoinEx Ecosystem: An Inclusive, Open, and Holistic Ecosystem

2017 - CoinEx Cryoto Exchange

A user-centric and professional crypto trading platform that supports Spot, Margin, Futures, and other derivatives trading.

2019 - CoinEx Wallet

A decentralized multi-cryptocurrency wallet, supporting users' self-control for private keys with one-stop management.

2021 - CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC)

Based on the PoS consensus protocol, CSC is versatile, decentralized, and energy-efficient, allowing developers to easily build decentralized applications.

2022 - CoinEx Charity

CoinEx's non-profit blockchain charity organization that has set up a multi-million dollar fund focusing on public welfare activities.

The various business units mutually support each other by constructing an essential infrastructure consisting of a trading platform, wallet, and public chain.

CoinEx aims to reduce entry barriers, providing users and developers with more professional, convenient, and comprehensive services. Additionally, CoinEx actively takes on social responsibility, concentrating on advancing philanthropic initiatives through blockchain technology. In the future, we will continue to cultivate CoinEx's ecosystem and strive to create even greater value for users.

Via blockchain, making the world a better place.

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