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CoinEx Brand Day is Here: Learn, Earn, and Win Big with 1,000,000 CET Airdrop on Jan 24
CoinEx Announcement
Обновлено: 4 мес. назад

Dear CoinEx Users,


We are thrilled to announce the launch of “CoinEx Brand Day”, starting on January 24th – a day dedicated to you! In celebration of this special day, we're kicking off with the first of many exciting events: Learn & Earn 1,000,000 CET in our exclusive airdrop!


CoinEx's 1st Brand Day Event: Learn and Earn 1,000,000 CET Airdrop


1. Duration: 2024-01-24 0:00 - 2024-01-25 8:00 (UTC)

2. Rules:

Airdrop Type Lucky Airdrop
Total Reward 1,000,000 CET
Single Reward 100 CET
To Be Rewarded 10,000 Participants
Requirement 30D Trading Volume > 100 USD

* Trading volume includes Spot, Margin and Futures trading volume. Trading volume in sub-accounts will be calculated into main accounts.

3. How to participate
(1) Go to the promotion page: Read and study the project introduction carefully.
(2) Claim your lucky number: Users who meet the participation requirements and answer all questions correctly can claim a lucky number during the promotion. After the event ends, 10,000 lucky numbers will be drawn randomly by the system. Users who win the airdrop will get 100 CET as a reward.
(3) Allocation: After claiming, your airdrop reward will be systematically frozen in the Spot account for 1 day. Please refer to the promotion page for the specific time.

(4) Click HERE to learn more about CoinEx Airdrop



About CoinEx Brand Day


The 24th holds special significance for CoinEx – it marks the day when CoinEx came into existence on December 24, 2017. Today, we're stepping into our 7th year of empowering users worldwide. Starting in 2024, we've decided to dub each month's 24th our "CoinEx Brand Day." As time unfolds, we hope to spend this day with you, celebrating the special connection it has brought us.


On this day, CoinEx will bring you a spectrum of events, delivering more surprises and rewards. 

We warmly welcome your participation in CoinEx Brand Day discussions on social media with the hashtag #24thWithCoinEx >>>


A heartfelt thank you for being with us every step of the way. Let's witness the growth and progress of CoinEx together. May CoinEx always be your companion on this exciting crypto journey, making the 24th a day of joyous beginnings.


CoinEx Team

Jan 23, 2024

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