CoinEx Market Maker
Once trading volume reaches the standard, you can apply for Market Maker and get level upgraded intelligently without permission. Also, Market Maker fees discount is available on top of using CET as fees.
Trading Benefits
Stable API
Long-term & stable API
Spot API
Perpetual API
Interest-free credit
Apply for high interest-free credit in two steps:
Sign e-contract
Fill in credit form
Special fees
Becoming a CoinEx Market Maker, you can unconditionally enjoy
30-day top fees discount
Service Benefits
Market Making Manager
Communication group
Holiday Gift
CoinEx hobby
Industry gatherings
Exclusive Events
Join events to share reward
Trading with negative fees to get incentives
Market making cooperation for monthly salary
Market Maker Fees Discount
View my trading volume
Spot Market Making Level
Perpetual Market Making Level
1. After becoming a Market Maker on CoinEx, your Market Making Level will be updated correspondingly when your "monthly trading volume" meet the requirements.;
2. Based on the "Trading Volume (last month)" calculated at 0:00 (UTC) on the 1st of each month, all Market Making Level will be updated at 1:00 (UTC) on the 1st of each month.
3. If you fail to meet the minimum requirement for 1 or 2 consecutive months, you will retain LV1. For 3 consecutive months, you will be disqualified.
4. The market making fees discount is applicable on top of discount using CET as fees.
5. The discounts will be automatically applied to your account once you have become a Market Maker on CoinEx.
Note: Once approved as Market Maker, your VIP privileges will NOT be affected.
CoinEx reserves the rights of final explanation of qualifications and discounts of market making.