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3 Lending & Borrowing Projects on Blast Ecosystem You Can’t Miss
CoinEx Academy
The Blast Network is gaining recognition as a premier Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, bringing innovative ideas and projects to transform the crypto space. The decentralized borrowing and lending protocol is built to help users maximize points and yield farming on the Blast Ecosystem. This article will explore the Blast Ecosystem, focusing on its growing Lending projects. By the end, you'll comprehend the core of Blast, its useful lending protocols, and how you can participate by purchasing Blast tokens on CoinEx.
2024-07-18 03:44:26
The CoinEx Ecosystem: An In-depth Exploration
CoinEx Academy
The CoinEx ecosystem, initiated by ViaBTC, aims to explore new models in the industry and promote the circulation, application and development of blockchain technology. To uphold the “user-first” principle, CoinEx provides a robust ecosystem with a wide range of service choices, including CoinEx, CoinEx Wallet, CoinEx Smart Chain, CoinEx Explorer and CoinEx Charity. This comprehensive blueprint allows users to stay at the forefront of innovation, access the latest market trends and investment needs. Let’s take a closer look and learn more about it!
2024-07-17 09:50:10
What Are Bearish Harami and Bullish Harami Candlestick Patterns?
CoinEx Academy
Discover the intricacies of Bearish Harami and Bullish Harami candlestick patterns, their significance in trading, and how to utilize them for successful market analysis.
2024-07-17 09:37:51
Understanding NATIX Network and How to Trade on CoinEx?
CoinEx Academy
Discover everything about NATIX Network, its innovative features, tokenomics, and a step-by-step guide on how to buy $NATIX on CoinEx.
2024-07-17 09:24:58
What is SafeDAO and What is the SAFE Token?
CoinEx Academy
Discover how SafeDAO and SAFE token shape web3's future with modular smart accounts, secure asset management, and community-driven innovation.
2024-07-17 09:16:13
Understanding Starknet (STRK): How Does it Change Ethereum Transactions?
CoinEx Academy
Could Starknet be the solution to delays and high fees on Ethereum? This article details everything about Starknet and the STRK token.
2024-07-17 09:07:16
FIGHT TO MAGA: Exploring the Trump-Inspired Meme Coin
CoinEx Academy
FIGHT TO MAGA (FIGHT) is a cryptocurrency token on the Ethereum blockchain. FIGHT meme coin inspired by former U.S. President Donald Trump. The token's narrative claims it was created after an alleged attack attempt on Trump, and he supposedly encouraged supporters to "FIGHT" and continue efforts to "Make America Great Again". This Ethereum-based token has seen significant trading volume and price volatility, capturing the interest of crypto enthusiasts and political supporters alike.
2024-07-17 07:53:32
Discover the Blast Ecosystem: Infrastructure Developments
CoinEx Academy
Blast Network is a game-changer in the Ethereum Layer-2 world shaking up the crypto scene with its full-featured ecosystem. As blockchain tech moves forward, the need for fast and efficient solutions goes up. Blast Network answers this call with great skill. In this article, we explore the captivating space of Blast's Infrastructure projects, highlighting their influence.
2024-07-16 08:14:17
Exploring AndyBlast: A Deep Dive into the Meme Coin on the Blast Chain
CoinEx Academy
AndyBlast is a meme coin built on the Blast Chain that blends internet culture with blockchain technology. Inspired by the character Andy from the Boy’s Club comic series, AndyBlast is designed to create a fun and engaging community experience. As a meme coin, it leverages humor and online trends to attract a wide audience, offering a unique platform where users can enjoy community activities, participate in events, and explore new opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.
2024-07-16 06:46:03
The TON Phishing Flood on Telegram: How to Safeguard Your Investment
CoinEx Academy
TON, or The Open Network, has become one of the most popular crypto projects after its integration with Tether USDT and growing users of clicker apps. These clicker apps are integrated into Telegram as mini apps, providing an easier path for users to earn cryptocurrencies. However, the platform has warned of increasing phishing attacks on the ecosystem, which may become an obstacle for users.
2024-07-16 06:15:48
Animoca Brands Launches its Official Coin, MOCA
CoinEx Academy
Animoca Brands, a prominent player in the digital entertainment and crypto space, has recently launched its official coin, MOCA. This article covers everything you need to know about MOCA. So, let's get straight into it.
2024-07-15 09:10:20
Understanding the Blast Ecosystem: GameFi Innovations
CoinEx Academy
News about Blast Ecosystem (GameFi Project) and its innovative features.
2024-07-15 08:49:29
Solana Meme Coins on the Rise - Here Are the 4 Newest Arrivals You Need to Know About
CoinEx Academy
The Solana ecosystem has been witnessing one of the highest numbers of memecoins minted this year so far, and the rally doesn't seem to stop anytime soon. According to the data, Solana memecoins have already experienced two bull markets in 2024, and we are still halfway through the year. Speaking of, we have brought some of the newest memecoin arrivals on the Solana chain for you to learn about in this bear market.
2024-07-12 09:57:16
Unveiling JENNER: Caitlyn Jenner's Crypto Journey
CoinEx Academy
Caitlyn Jenner, former Olympic athlete and an active member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, has made a huge wave in the crypto world with his announcement of the JENNER token. Her X and Instagram accounts revealed the launch of this crypto, leading to widespread debates.
2024-07-12 07:49:46
Top 10 PolitiFi Projects In 2024 And How to Buy Their Tokens
CoinEx Academy
Explore the top 10 Politifi projects in 2024: key features, token distribution, and how to buy them on CoinEx.
2024-07-12 04:02:07
Top 10 SocialFi Crypto Projects of 2024 and How to Buy Their Tokens
CoinEx Academy
Explore the top 10 SocialFi crypto projects of 2024: their standout features, token economics, and how to easily purchase their tokens on CoinEx.
2024-07-12 03:39:13
Exploring Linea: A Scalable, User-Friendly Platform for Decentralized Applications
CoinEx Academy
Linea, developed by ConsenSys, is a Layer 2 blockchain project focused on creating a user-friendly platform for decentralized applications (dApps). Leveraging zkEVM technology, Linea employs zero-knowledge proofs with Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility, allowing developers to build scalable and efficient dApps or migrate existing ones. This approach enhances scalability and efficiency while ensuring a seamless and improved user experience in the crypto space.
2024-07-11 08:06:46
Blast Ecosystem: Discovering the SocialFi Project
CoinEx Academy
The Blast Network distinguishes itself as a groundbreaking Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, offering an exceptional advantage with its native yield capabilities for ETH and stablecoins, a rarity among Layer-2 technologies.
2024-07-11 06:57:44
Exploring the Blast Ecosystem: A Guide to Purchasing on CoinEx
CoinEx Academy
News about Blast, its innovative features, tokenomics, and a step-by-step guide on how to buy Blast on CoinEx.
2024-07-11 03:54:14
What Is DECHAT and How to Trade DECHAT Tokens?
CoinEx Academy
Explore DECHAT's ecosystem for various digital asset commerce options, including token and NFT airdrops, and learn how to trade DECHAT on CoinEx.
2024-07-11 02:33:08
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