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TopCoinEx Research: Crypto Q1 Quarterly Report
CoinEx Research
The cryptocurrency market saw a strong performance this quarter, boosted by the approval of the Bitcoin ETF and the upcoming halving.
2024-03-27 07:56:13
CoinEx Loans: High LTV, Borrow and Repay at Will, Empowering Users for Short-term Gains in Bull Market
Company Update
In the crypto world, bull markets often bring unpredictable high-profit opportunities. As the prices of numerous altcoins surge, investors are seeking to expand their investments to maximize returns.
2024-04-22 09:15:54
Unveiling MERL Token: Transforming Bitcoin with Layer 2 Innovation and Zero-Knowledge Proofs
CoinEx Academy
Experience faster Bitcoin transactions with lower fees on Merlin Chain's MERL token, leveraging Layer 2 ZK-Rollup for a superior user experience.
2024-04-19 10:22:07
What Is Jupiter and How to Buy JUP Tokens?
CoinEx Academy
Discover Jupiter, the unique DeX aggregator built on Solana offering seamless crypto trading by unifying top decentralized exchanges in one platform.
2024-04-19 09:32:20
What Is Solchat and How to Buy CHAT Tokens?
CoinEx Academy
Discover Solchat - a decentralized messaging platform on the Solana blockchain. Learn about $CHAT token, utilities, and how to buy and trade on CoinEx.
2024-04-18 12:01:00
What Is Based Brett and How to Buy BRETT Tokens?
CoinEx Academy
Uncover BRETT - the future of blockchain real estate tokenization. Learn how BRETT is reshaping property investment on the Base chain.
2024-04-18 11:00:00
Empowering Users: The Rise of Community-Owned Data and the RDAT
CoinEx Academy
As crypto markets fluctuate, RDAT offers stability by rewarding data contributions. Available on CoinEx now.
2024-04-17 07:45:28
An Introduction of BOOK OF MEME ($BOME)
CoinEx Academy
Get involved with $BOME: A dynamic memecoin fostering a new era of meme creation and participation, powered by Solana for superior scalability.
2024-04-16 07:04:13
RWA Tokenization: How Far Would It Go?
CoinEx Academy
RWA, or real-world asset tokenization is taking off as there is more interest from traditional financial institutions, and it could revolutionize the way you manage your investment portfolio.
2024-04-16 06:40:48
SwissCheese (SWCH) Crypto: First-Ever Decentralized Stock Exchange
CoinEx Academy
SWCH by SwissCheese: A solution to traditional stock exchange woes. It offers a secure, decentralized platform for trading. Learn more about SWCH's rise!
2024-04-16 03:44:02
Exploring the World of $BEL Coins: A PoW Meme Coin Adventure
Bitcoin Halving
Explore the world of Bellscoin, a proof-of-work meme coin inspired by the fun of Animal Crossing. Uncover its unique features and development journey here!
2024-04-16 03:23:08
Breaking Down Zeus Network - a Project Backed by Co-founders of Solana and Stacks
CoinEx Academy
Though many protocols and layers have been developed to facilitate cross-chain communication, Zeus Network (ZEUS) recently caught investors' eyeballs.
2024-04-15 08:34:51
One-Click Swap and Second-Level Transactions: CoinEx Swap Helps Investors Capture the Optimal Timing
Company Update
In the world of cryptocurrency, timing is everything and speed and efficiency are key for investors to gain profits. The global cryptocurrency trading platform, CoinEx, with its swap feature, has become the go-to choice for many novice users. This feature not only allows users to execute transactions in seconds with a one-click swap but also offers a simple, fast, diverse, and secure trading experience.
2024-04-12 06:54:47
Unveiling Ondo Finance: Bridging Traditional and Decentralized Finance
CoinEx Academy
Discover Ondo Finance's tokenization revolution: merging blockchain with real-world assets to democratize access to top-tier financial services.
2024-04-11 11:56:25
CROWN: How This Solana-Based Token Powers Third Time's Virtual?
CoinEx Academy
Discover Third Time's innovative approach to gaming with CROWN tokens, allowing track ownership and real money earnings.
2024-04-11 11:25:37
WHALES: Understanding Whales Market's Native Currency
CoinEx Academy
Explore Whales Market, the platform revolutionizing P2P crypto trading with secure, smart contract-based transactions on Solana.
2024-04-11 10:53:31
SATOX Coins: Bridging Gaming and PoW Blockchain
Bitcoin Halving
Explore the future of gaming with Satoxcoin (SATOX), a groundbreaking PoW blockchain platform offering real crypto rewards for playing favorite games.
2024-04-11 03:06:30
March Crypto Roundup: Bitcoin Halving, Ethereum Dencun Upgrade, and Solana's DEX Dominance
CoinEx Research
CoinEx Research presents its Macro Monthly Report for March 2024, offering an in-depth analysis of key developments shaping the cryptocurrency market.
2024-04-10 10:00:00
Rising New Star: TNSR
CoinEx Academy
Tensor is now sending waves through the crypto world with their token TNSR airdropped recently. Just right after the launch, the TNSR price showed an impressive rise immediately.
2024-04-10 09:27:16
Decoding Ethena's Remarkable Market Performance
CoinEx Academy
Ethena (ENA) recorded a steep bullish trend just after its airdrop, which is quite rare for a newly launched DeFi.
2024-04-09 07:47:28
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