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TopCoinEx Celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day with "One Bite of Bitcoin" Campaign
Company Update
One slice of pizza changes the world. On May 22nd, cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide are celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day, commemorating the first real-world transaction involving Bitcoin.
2024-05-14 02:53:55
TRUMP Memecoin Makes Waves in the Market — Is It Going to Be the Next Big Hit After PEPE?
Notably, a new memecoin has just recently come into the limelight with a shorthand TRUMP and has already pumped more than 200%, raising many questions.
2024-05-20 07:16:15
The Top 10 Most Popular Blockchain Games of 2024
Check out the popular blockchain games of 2024 and enter the new world of Web3 games.
2024-05-20 07:07:56
CoinEx Staking Tutorial: How to Stake ETH with One Click and Unlock New On-chain Earnings?
Product Tutorials
The global cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinEx has launched a staking service, providing users with a new and easy way to start earning on-chain revenue, catering to users' diverse investment needs. Through CoinEx, users can effortlessly stake ETH with a single click on the platform, simplifying the complex process of participating in the Ethereum network.
2024-05-20 03:47:29
TON Is Growing Its Impact with Notcoin Introduced
CoinEx Academy
Notcoin (NOT), a token that spells reverse TON, has caught the attention of the crypto world lately. Many popular crypto platforms, like Binance, OKX, and Bybit, announced the NOT listing before it was officially launched and opened trading on May 16, 2024, the same day as CoinEx had NOT on the list. With more and more use cases engaging TON, such applications would help strengthen TON and its price.
2024-05-17 06:45:15
GME Coin: Solana Meme Coin Pumps Over 400% In Under A Day
CoinEx Academy
On May 14, GameStop (GME) had a massive surge of over 450%, creating a lot of hype around it. This meme coin emerged at the end of January using GameStop's logo and name, but they've claimed to have no direct affiliation with the parent company.
2024-05-17 04:00:25
OpenAI’s GPT-4o: What Crypto Traders Are Expecting
CoinEx Academy
OpenAI’s GPT-4o is about to arrive, folks! The transformative AI pioneer company doesn’t stop their footsteps with ChatGPT4 and has unveiled the latest version of ChatGPT: GPT-4o on May 13, 2024.
2024-05-17 03:51:23
Empowering Students to Explore the World of Blockchain Technology: CoinEx Charity's Charity Lecture at a Turkish University
Company Update
Currently, Turkey has emerged as an active center for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency education. With the country embracing digital transformation, educational institutions and charitable organizations play a key role in promoting a deeper understanding of blockchain technology.
2024-05-17 03:43:00
About Spectral (SPEC) Cryptocurrency
CoinEx Academy
Spectral Labs (SPEC) is at the forefront of modern innovation and Web3. This company has found a way to merge ML, AI, and Web3 technologies to create a platform that enables non-coders to build dApps.
2024-05-16 02:36:57
CoinEx Financial Account: One-Click Investment of Idle Coins, Earn Additional Income Effortlessly
Company Update
The CoinEx Financial Account is a financial product that allows for interest earnings on stored coins, featuring instant deposits and withdrawals, compound interest, and no minimum deposit requirement.
2024-05-14 22:00:00
Memecoin 'TREMP' Soars After Donald Trump's Comments — But What's the Backstory?
CoinEx Academy
TREMP, a new memecoin inspired by Donald Trump, surged in price hours after the former US president gave some positive remarks on cryptocurrencies on May 8. A token that was released two months ago has now pumped 53.43% in just the last seven days.
2024-05-14 09:32:33
Breaking Down The EPIC Runes: Everything You Need To Know
CoinEx Academy
EPIC•EPIC•EPIC•EPIC, or simply EPIC, is a BTC Runes token that was listed on CoinEx on May 7, 2024. It is the third runes token to come into the limelight after DOG and RSIC.
2024-05-13 07:51:29
Runecoin: Exploring BTC Potential on the Rune
CoinEx Academy
Runecoin is a token that uses the improved Bitcoin Rune Protocol and is directly associated with the RSIC metaprotocol Ordinals collection. Runecoin was recently on everyone's radar after hitting an all-time high overnight.
2024-05-13 02:58:11
What Is DooDoo and How to Buy DooDoo Tokens?
CoinEx Academy
Understanding Aptos, a scalable and reliable Layer 1 platform. Carving a niche amidst giants like Solana and Near Protocol. Come dive in!
2024-05-10 07:29:02
What Is DUKO and How to Buy DUKO Tokens?
CoinEx Academy
Meet DUKO, the adorable Solana-powered meme coin that's won over crypto traders. Dive into its unique features and community spirit.
2024-05-10 06:56:33
What Is TREMP and How to Buy TREMP Tokens?
CoinEx Academy
Explore TREMP: the culture coin centered around US political humor, featured in our latest article on its impact within Solana's meme culture!
2024-05-10 06:31:21
What Is Silly Dragon and How to Buy SILLY Coins?
CoinEx Academy
Explore SILLY, a new cryptocurrency token revolutionizing digital assets with innovation and entertainment. Dive into decentralized fun!
2024-05-10 04:02:58
Concerns Arise as Restaking Makes Its Way to Solana Post-Ethereum
CoinEx Academy
Restaking is entering Solana. The popular service on the Ethereum blockchain is expanding to the Solana ecosystem, which presents both profit-making opportunities and risks. According to some experts familiar with the matter, Jito, a Solana-based project, is developing a restaking service.
2024-05-10 03:00:01
ORE Cryptocurrency: All You Need To Know
CoinEx Academy
The ORE token is one of the most hyped cryptocurrencies today. The ORE network can work across different blockchains, including Ethereum, Algorand, and EOS. With such an adaptable network, ORE will finally improve the chances of connecting the crypto world with Web 2.0 identities to Web 3.0.
2024-05-09 10:10:57
CoinEx Charity enters the State University of Jakarta to catalyze the development of blockchain education in Indonesia.
Company Update
On May 8, 2024, CoinEx Charity's philanthropic lecture successfully concluded at State University of Jakarta in Indonesia. The lecture was divided into two theme-based discussion sessions, attracting the active participation of more than 100 students at the university. The opening ceremony of the philanthropic lecture was hosted by professors from the university, setting the stage for the entire event.
2024-05-09 09:50:44
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