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KAS (Kaspa)
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KAS Kaspa
1. Project introduction
Kaspa is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency which implements the PHANTOM GHOSTDAG (a form of DAG) protocol. This means unlike other blockchains it does not orphan blocks created in parallel, rather allows them to coexist and orders them in consensus. One of the problems with the Nakamoto consensus, that Kaspa seeks to solve, is that due to the frequency of orphan blocks in order to revert a transaction, the attacker only need to create slightly less blocks than the honest network. So a 51% attack actually requires less than 51% of hashing power. Kaspa is an instant confirmation transaction sequencing layer. Transactions sent to miners can be included immediately in the ledger, which is structured as a blockDAG, to support asynchronous state updates. Kaspa is based on the PHANTOM protocol, a scalable generalization of Nakamoto Consensus. Its design is faithful to the principles Satoshi embedded into Bitcoin -- proof-of-work mining, UTXO-formed isolated state, deflationary monetary policy, no premine, and no central governance. Kaspa is unique in its ability to support high block rates while maintaining the level of security offered by proof-of-work environments. Instead of Kaspa being a single chain like in many other cryptocurrencies Kaspa utilizes a DAG, meaning a block can point to many other blocks not just one. Double Spending is prevented by the manner in which the blocks are ordered. The DAG is made into a chain, traversed, and all transactions which do not contradict previous transactions are included. This way of ordering is the backbone of GHOSTDAG.
2. Team introduction
Founder: Yonatan Sompolinsky Cryptocurrency Researcher and Developer: Michael Sutton, Shai Wyborski, Mike Zak, Elichai Turkel, Ori Newman
3. Distribution
Max. supply: 28.7 billion Kaspa is a L1 PoW coin. Fair-launched in November of 2021 with no pre-mine, zero pre-sales, and no coin allocations; Kaspa is 100% decentralized, open-source, and community managed. The max supply of Kaspa is 28.7 Billion coins with an emission schedule that halves once per year via smooth monthly reductions by a factor of (1/2)^(1/12). Risk Reminder: The above information is for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice. Before investing, please learn about cryptocurrency and make rational investments.
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