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ZANO (Zano)
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5,000 ZANO
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2.5 ZANO
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2000 +
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1. Project introduction
Zano, a privacy-centric blockchain ecosystem, was launched in 2019. Zano transactions are untraceable, leveraging ring signatures and stealth addresses. With the upcoming Zarcanum hardfork, Zano is transitioning to RingCT and introducing the first-ever Proof of Stake algorithm with hidden amounts. Furthermore, the Zarcanum hardfork will incorporate Confidential Assets, privacy tokens that operate on the Zano blockchain. These assets share the same privacy features as native Zano coins, allowing other developers to run their privacy-oriented projects without the overhead of maintaining their own blockchains, dealing with consensus issues, or other complexities of network operation. Zano's security is fortified by a unique hybrid PoW-PoS consensus algorithm, which is also applicable to assets. In addition to these features, Zano supports on-chain aliases, escrow contracts, and has a built-in staking system with no minimum requirements or time locks. It offers numerous features for both users and developers. Transactions are made anonymous and untraceable through the use of ring signatures and stealth addresses. Multi-signature functionality allows multiple users to control a single wallet, which can be used for escrow services or two-factor authentication. Users can also create customizable smart contracts with required deposits for trustless agreements. All Zano network members can have aliases, for example, @username. These aliases can be linked to a payment address, which makes Zano network more user-friendly. In the long run, aliases will be used in a dedicated messenger, a user reputation service, and an alias-based authentication system.
2. Team introduction
Co-founder & Core Dev: Andrey Sabelnikov Co-founder & Project manager: Pavel Nikienkov Lead Researcher & Core Dev: Valeriy Pisarkov Marketing & Community manager: Quinten van Welzen
3. Distribution
Token distribution: The allocation of the Premine as follows: Foundation fund: 55%, set aside for marketing, partnerships, and ongoing project expenses. This will be transparent and reported. Founders, team members, and contributors: 30%, Coins are reserved for incentivizing current and future team members and contributors. Development loan: 15% Zano has a flat tail emission of 1 coin per block with a 1-minute block time, equating to 1440 coins a day. The current supply stands at 13,830,500 ZANO, with a dev fund of 969,500 ZANO. The latest data is available at
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