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XNA (Neurai)
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2,500 XNA
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5000 +
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XNA Neurai
1. Project introduction
Neurai aims to be a platform to enable harnessing the power of AI algorithms for efficient data analytics, predictive modeling, decision making and connectivity to IoT devices using blockchain assets. The initial needs for creating Neurai were based on the following fundamental principles: - Robust and proven code. - Implementation of Proof of Work (PoW) for fair distribution. - ASIC resistance to prevent mining centralization. - Integration of assets to manage and interact with IoT. - Availability of good documentation and libraries for a smooth start. After careful consideration, Neurai selected Ravencoin as the chosen solution for their journey. Ravencoin encompasses all the desired qualities, enabling Neurai to grow with robustness, simplicity, and power. Similar to any project, Neurai is not bound indefinitely to the initial codebase. They anticipate the continuous evolution of their project over the years, incorporating new features and improvements that benefit the community. Neurai had the option to be a token on any existing blockchain, but the limitations and lack of transparency in distribution compelled them to develop their own blockchain. Achieving decentralization and fair distribution is a highly intricate endeavor. However, Neurai firmly believes that Satoshi's invention of Proof of Work (PoW) ingeniously addresses this problem, and currently, there is no superior alternative for ensuring security in a distributed network.
2. Application and distribution
Total supply: 21,000,000,000 Token application: Transaction Fees & Rewards Token distribution: (1) Style: Micro Halving (2) When: Every 10 days (3) How much: 5% (4) Mined: 1º Year: 57% 2º Year: 70% 3º Year: 80% 4º Year: 86% 5º Year: 92% 6º Year: 94% 7º Year: 95%
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