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EBEN (Green Ben)
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EBEN Green Ben
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Total Airdrop Amount
10,000 EBEN
Airdrop Per Account
1000 Participants
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1000 +
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VIP1 and above
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BenSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the SmartBCH chain. Its goal is to become one of the leading DEXs on SmartBCH, as well as a one-stop service provider for all projects. BenSwap has features as below. AMM: The transaction fee in Benswap (SmartBCH) is the lowest, most of which is rewarded to the liquidity providers. Total fee rate is 0.2% (0.15% to liquidity and 0.05% to BenSwap Treasury). Yield Farming: Users can provide liquidity for their favorite tokens and stake LPs to earn EBEN on BenSwap (on the "Farms" page). Staking: Users can also stake their favorite tokens directly on BenSwap to earn EBEN (on the "Pools" page). ChartPro: The dynamic price can be tracked and analyzed on BenSwap ChartPro. ChartPro only supports SEP20 tokens that add liquidity on BenSwap DEX. For any token with sufficient liquidity, at least one trading record on BenSwap DEX will be automatically listed on ChartPro. IBO: IBO is an automated tool for decentralized fundraising. This feature aims to help teams to raise fund and kickstart their projects. Once an IBO campaign is created, there will be a public link for everyone to see the campaign and participate. To update IBO info, picture, and adding to the market need BenSwap review and approval. BenLock: BenLock is a token locker module to time-lock tokens and showcase to others for security purposes. Each locker has a contract address and everyone can check the locker status on the BenLock explorer. BenLock is the first locker module on SmartBCH that works with deflationary tokens and has a low fee. It gives BenSwap LP tokens slight advantage over others as the fee is waived and the LP detail is displayed. Green Ben (EBEN) is the utility and governance token of BenSwap (SmartBCH). Users need EBEN to use the features on BenSwap (SmartBCH). Holders can share the appreciation and be able to vote and make decisions for the project. BenSwap hopes that with a reduced emission rate and deflationary mechanics, a positive impact on the price would be made.
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