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Join Trading Volume Ranking to Share $6,000 DNX
Promotion Details Ended
Total Reward 8,000 DNX
, Spot
Start time 2024-03-05 10:00:00
End time 2024-03-12 10:00:00
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During the promotion, the statistics are updated hourly
My Est. Reward
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Rank Reward
Single User Reward (DNX)
Total Reward (DNX)
1 700 700
2 400 400
3-5 200 600
6-10 120 600
11-50 70 2,800
51-100 30 1,500
Current Rank
Rank User
Trading Volume (USD)
1 LM10 (isl******699@***.com) 124,283.12
2 Mahdirahmani (mahdi******i1997@***.com) 117,236.3
5 H.****an@***.com 73,051.17
10 spac******cial@***.com 24,715.95
50 www.m******anjar@***.com 10,837.41
100 mirz******io63@***.com 2,396.85
Share Reward
The reward to share in this round: 1,400 DNX Cumulative Trading Vol: 124,634.95 USD
After deducting the rank rewards, the remaining total rewards will be shared among the rest of unranked participants.
Your reward = Your trading volume / Cumulative trading volume of all qualified participants * (Total rewards - Rank rewards)
Promotion Rules
You need to join the event first and achieve at least 200 USD of transaction value in selected markets during the promotion.
Reward Rules: The rewards will be shared by the ranking in Spot trading volume. Cumulative trading volume = Buying volume + Selling volume in all selected markets during the promotion.
Allocation: In 7 business days after the promotion
Sub-accounts are not solely qualified for the promotion, and their trading volume will be included in the main accounts.
Please refer to Announcement Center for the complete promotion rules, and all rules are subject to the announcement.
Cheating, such as account spamming, contra trade with matched orders, etc., is strictly prohibited during the celebration. Once detected, your event qualification will be immediately canceled. CoinEx reserves the final interpretation of the event.