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CoinEx Will Support ZBC Token Split and Rename
CoinEx Announcement
Last update: 2 month(s) ago

Dear CoinEx users,

According to the official announcement of the ZBC team, CoinEx will support ZBC (Zebec Protocol) token split and token name change to ZBCN (Zebec Network), with the allocating ratio of 1 ZBC = 10 ZBCN. To ensure your asset security, deposit, and withdrawal services of ZBC will be suspended for a designated period. The details are as follows.  


ZBC Services

1. CoinEx will terminate the deposit and withdrawal services of ZBC at 02:00 on Apr. 8, 2024 (UTC).

2. AMM fund in ZBC/USDT trading pair will be refunded at 01:30 on Apr. 8, 2024 (UTC).

3. ZBC/USDT market will be delisted and ALL orders in this market will be canceled at 02:00 on Apr. 8, 2024 (UTC).

4. The listing time of the deposit, withdrawal, and trading services of the ZBCN token will be announced separately.


Old Smart Contract Address

ZBC (Solana): zebeczgi5fSEtbpfQKVZKCJ3WgYXxjkMUkNNx7fLKAF


New Smart Contract Address




1. CoinEx will no longer support the ZBC deposit and withdrawal services after the swap is complete, so please confirm again before depositing.

2. During the suspended period, all unexecuted ZBC orders will be systematically closed, and related assets will be returned to your spot account.

3. For more token swap info, please refer to Migration Guide: $ZBC to $ZBCN


Risk Reminder

Crypto products are innovative investment products with large price fluctuations as well as high investment risks. Therefore, please evaluate and invest wisely based on your risk tolerance and financial resources.


CoinEx reserves the right of final interpretation of this announcement.


CoinEx Team

Apr 5, 2024

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