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The Progress of the DEX OneSwap

2022-04-29 10:23:14

Over the past two years, the massive expansion of the DeFi market provided more growth opportunities for decentralized exchanges (DEXs). As DEXs are open and require no KYC authentication, they allow users to directly engage in transactions without going through a third party, attracting a crowd of users to such platforms. According to data from The Block, the value locked in DEXs has been on a steady rise since January 2021. The below chart shows that the entire DEX sector is trending upward. Compared with the CEX market, DEX remains a small sector in terms of the overall market cap. However, this also means that DEXs boast greater growth prospects than CEXs, especially if Layer 2 thrives.

Source: The Block

A status quo breaker in the face of challenges: product innovation via gamification

OneSwap is an innovative decentralized exchange (DEX) running on multiple public chains, including Ethereum, BSC, CSC, and Tron. The exchange does not require any permission to list tokens and features automated market-making (AMM). 

OneSwap has introduced an AMM-based on-chain order book enabled by smart contracts to liquidity mining. This model allows users to create buy/sell orders according to the target price, and all orders created will be stored in the blockchain’s order book. Meanwhile, the system will match transactions and engage in settlements according to the buy/sell orders contained in the order book. The integration between AMM and the order book increases the liquidity of users’ crypto assets and solves the liquidity challenges facing DeFi. 

This February, OneSwap launched multi-crypto merged mining, which covers several mainstream projects in the CSC ecosystem and allows users to mine multiple cryptos in one pool. The first merged mining campaign featured a 7-day APY of over 60% and significantly improved the utilization rate of different tokens. Meanwhile, many CSC-powered projects actively joined the campaign, which started a boom of merged mining.

In addition to product upgrades, OneSwap also kicked off an innovative product called “Prediction” on April 29. Prediction is a game through which users earn profits by betting on rising/falling crypto prices. OneSwap gamifies the new product and builds a new earning model of “Predict to Earn”, which makes up for the poor user experiences of the average DEX. By gamifying price forecasts, Prediction aims to streamline DEX operations through simple, easy-to-use interfaces and expand the CSC ecosystem by offering CET holders higher returns.

This new feature shatters the conventional perception that DEXs have a high threshold and provides users with more satisfying DEX experiences. Prediction creates a new opportunity to profit during market swings. With this new function, users can quickly participate in the game and win prizes by betting on the price trend of cryptos.

Link: https://www.oneswap.net/cet/prediction

A developed DEX ecosystem & a diversified platform

The innovation and improvement of products & features are major growth targets of a DEX. In this regard, OneSwap has delivered three innovations:

  1. Enhanced liquidity, security, and transparency thanks to the AMM-based on-chain order book.
  2. Improved utilization rate of CSC-powered project tokens as a result of multi-crypto merged mining.
  3. Prediction, is an innovative, gamified product.

As a new DEX for all-encompassing asset management focusing on innovation and simplicity, OneSwap improves user experiences, builds an increasingly diversified ecosystem, and helps users better understand the positive role of DeFi, thereby enhancing capital efficiency. 


DEXs, which are major DeFi infrastructures, will witness new breakthroughs and revolutions. In the future, OneSwap will introduce more innovative projects to keep improving its DEX ecosystem in different aspects and enable the sustainable growth of DEXs. 

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