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What Is BscScan? a Complete Guide for Beginners

2022-07-29 11:26:30

What is Bscscan? What is its use? Well, it’s a simple and great tool to confirm transactions that happen on BNB chain. There is a lot of growth in the on-chain activities of BNB chain. On the public blockchain, anyone can track the transaction activities.

Are you eager to learn about the BNB chain explorer and find a point to start? No worries. You are in the right spot as we have got the perfect guide for you on what is Bscscan and how to use BNB chain.

Introduction: What Is BscScan?

Blockchain has the feature of being interactive. But how many know that it is also developer friendly? Anyone can develop dApps on blockchain. That is why there is a lot of growth in the sector of decentralized finance. The same is the case with BNB chain; developers can interact and develop their apps on BNB chain. Bscscan is basically a blockchain explorer that provides an analytical platform for the Binance chain with other useful resources.

The main purpose of this explorer is to create a sense of transparency among the users and community by providing a complete detailed record of the transaction that is accessible to the public. Currently, it operates independently and this minimizes the room for any theft or any other compromise on data stored.

What Is BscScan Usage? 

Now the question arises what is BscScan usage in blockchain activities? Bscscan is basically an explorer that provides real-time information about blockchain activities including transactions, block generation and much more.

Important Features 

Information about new blocks addition in blockchain

  • Tracking or transactions and processing 
  • Viewing the Wallet balance
  • Information about Smart contracts 
  • Tokens and cryptocurrency availability.

All of the above information is easily accessible and there is no need to sign up to access this information. 

Understanding of Bscscan Website 

Here is a brief overview of "what the bscscan website is and what does it show? “ On opening the website, one can see the homepage of bscscan and information about BNB chain with a search bar option.

bscscan search bar

In the blockchain section, you will find information about on-chain transactions.

on-chain transactions information on bscscan

Next to it are  "validators" and " tokens " where the verifiers are listed and their information is placed.

validators and tokens listed on bscscan

In last, there is the "resources" section where you can find the API for developers and other charts about the BNB blockchain.

resources section on bscscan

What Is BscScan's Method of Operation?

To understand what is bscscan, we need to clarify the right way to use this explorer. Using bscscan is easy in the same way we use Google to explore the internet.  The "Search button” is also placed on top so you can’t miss anything. To search for information about any transaction, you simply need to put the wallet information or ID in the search tab and then press search.  Bscscan will search its database and get the required and relevant information about transactions.

The transaction hash can also be used to search for transactions. Hash ID is also associated with every transaction.

What Information BscScan Displays About Transactions?

The following information is displayed by bscscan:

Transaction hash

  • Block and time stamp
  • Recipient information
  • Transaction value in BNB and USD
  • Fee
  • Private note

Keep it in mind that bscscan doesn't give any information that jeopardizes the security of the transaction.

Tokens Hunt on Bscscan:

Three token types are supported by BNB chain. Native BEP-20 and Ethereum's ERC-721  and ERC-1155 variants.

Market size, top tokens and price can be viewed from bscscan and also if the token is cross-compatible for BEP-20 tokens. The cross-chain movement of the tokens is the biggest or blockchain interoperability is the main issue that we are facing right now.

What Is BscScan’s and NFT'S Compatibility?

ERC-721 is important because some tokens are interoperable on different chains.  Further many projects divide the release of tokens e.g.  Half tokens on one chain and another half on other chains. One can track the Bsc-721 token through BscScan. That is why BscScan is totally compatible with NFTs. BNB chain is home to many NFT projects because of the cheaper cost and high feasibility of BNB chain

ER -1155 is used for NFTs and it’s a standard token. You can easily look for NFTs transfer on bscscan. You can get information about which wallet holds NFTs. However, you will not be able to see the relevant Nft or any asset attached to it.

How to Find Gas Prices on BscScan?

Look over the "resources "section. In the “charts and price” section you will find the "average gas price" option. Now the chart that you will see is the average gas fee and that price will be paid by the users to perform a transaction on Bsc. You will see that some users paid higher gas fees. That's because due to their old Ethereum habits. Bsc is still not that congested and an average gas fee is fine to perform a transaction.

How to Verify Smart Contracts?

You will see a green tick next to the toolbar that indicates that your smart contract is compatible with BNB chain when you enter the contract address in the search section. So you can independently audit and verify code through BscScan. Interacting directly with smart contracts is also possible by connecting digital currency wallets including Metamask and Binance chain wallets.

What is BscScan "Developers" Section?  

As mentioned previously, there is a developers section on the bscscan website that is specified for the developers. These pages include "API Documentation" that empowers developers to interact with the bscscan explorer's data. It also includes verifying contract options, Vyper online compiler, contract difference checker, and contract verification.


It is not a wallet service provider and so it does not store any private keys. Bscscan also doesn't have any control over transactions. It simply displays the on-chain data. It’s more like for record and detail-keeping platform.  Bscscan services don’t include the alteration of any information or numbers. While bscscan makes you understand the blockchain. Make sure that the project is authentic and do your own research while keeping in view the possible risks before jumping into Defi.

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