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Company Update

Join the CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program) for Incredible Monthly Earnings!

2022-08-02 03:42:16

Since it was founded in 2017, CoinEx has marched forward while striving for its vision: Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place. It aims to build an easy-to-use crypto exchange that benefits all investors who wish to trade cryptos. As it moves forward, CoinEx also hopes to recruit more individuals who share its aspirations and practice its crypto visions, allowing global users to maintain and increase the value of their assets via cryptocurrency. The exchange envisions a world where blockchain enthusiasts looking for satisfying investment experiences through crypto trading could easily access the crypto space via CoinEx.

To that end, CoinEx has launched the CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program) to recruit individuals who recognize its brand values and are willing to grow alongside the platform. Together, CoinEx Ambassadors (Futures Special Program) and CoinEx will help more users engage in advanced crypto investments by adopting the easy-to-use CoinEx Futures in a market dominated by futures.

Joint efforts and win-win results are the key elements of the program, and all crypto adopters who join the program will receive 60% referral commissions on trading fees. Specifically, Futures Ambassadors will receive commissions of up to 60% on trading fees paid by referred users who have registered a CoinEx account and started trading futures via their referral link.

Apart from the handsome commissions, Futures Ambassadors will also get the futures trial fund, free CoinEx merchandise, as well as holiday gifts. During this three-month campaign, all eligible individuals, KOLs, and institutions/platforms may apply to become CoinEx Ambassadors (Futures Special Program) and will receive 60% referral commissions, which will be valid for three months from the day their applications are approved.

That said, how much can CoinEx Ambassadors (Futures Special Program) earn via the program?

From July 25 to October 25, 2022, CoinEx Ambassadors (Futures Special Program) can receive 60% commissions on the futures trading fees paid by referred users as long as they get registered via Ambassadors’ referral link or code and start trading futures on CoinEx.

Picture the following scenario: a CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program) managed to get 100 new users to register an account and trade futures on CoinEx. If the referred users paid 20,000 USDT in futures trading fees throughout August, the CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program) would get 12,000 USDT in commissions (20,000 USDT*60%), which will be directly paid to him in USDT. Suppose the 100 referred users keep incurring futures trading fees before October 25, the CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program) would continue to get referral commissions until the event ends. 

As Ambassadors receive commissions on fees paid by referred users, they can keep on asking more new users to get registered and trade futures, and the 60% commissions will still remain valid during the three-month campaign. In other words, CoinEx Ambassadors (Futures Special Program) only need to recruit more users and get them to trade futures on CoinEx. The larger the referred trading volume, the higher the referral commission will be. Through the program, Ambassadors could even earn $1 million within one month!

In the meantime, CoinEx is also recruiting more Ambassadors worldwide. On CoinEx, Ambassadors are the exchange’s partners for its worldwide promotion. They assist CoinEx in market operations and help the exchange build a global presence. CoinEx sincerely welcomes all blockchain/crypto enthusiasts and community members who are willing to help the platform grow and contribute to its brand promotion. Ambassadors receive lifelong referral commissions that cover futures, spot, and margin trading during their tenure.

Finally, the CoinEx Ambassador (Futures Special Program) welcomes all eligible crypto users around the world who share CoinEx’s crypto visions. Together, they will benefit from futures trading, make incredible monthly earnings, and grow alongside CoinEx!

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