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A New Milestone: CoinEx Supports over 600 Cryptos

2022-08-18 07:17:54

In today’s bearish market, the search for promising, valuable crypto assets has become a more formidable challenge for many investors. Given that crypto exchanges are the first stop of most crypto investors, projects listed on such platforms are also one of the major references for making crypto investments.

Choosing a reliable platform that offers a selected, versatile range of cryptos makes the investment process easy and secure. This is also a challenge facing investors in the crypto market. According to statistics from Cryptowisser, over 20 crypto exchanges have gone bust since 2022. Meanwhile, users of these trading platforms that went bankrupt or disappeared also have been threatened with the risk of losing their assets. This shows us that while picking crypto projects, investors have to make two major choices: the investment target and the exchange.

During the past five years since its inception, CoinEx, a global crypto exchange, has earned extensive user recognition in the crypto market with multiple advantages, including easy-to-use products, and a wide range of investment choices. In terms of selecting cryptos, CoinEx always aims to “Gather Innovative Digital Assets”. Bringing together promising, valuable crypto assets, the exchange provides users with innovative, premium and versatile investment choices. Today, CoinEx supports over 600 first-rate cryptos, covering star projects and trending segments such as DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Solana, and Layer 2, which marks a new milestone for the exchange.

When it comes to token listing, the exchange focuses on quality while pursuing well-roundedness. In particular, it prioritizes quality and is never blindly after quantity, trends, or exclusiveness. Haipo Yang, the founder of CoinEx, once said that token listing should be regarded as part of product development. With multiple mechanisms and review teams, as well as diversified considerations for project assessment, CoinEx has created a funnel-shaped screening process for token listing.

Firstly, CoinEx Institution will collect information through multiple channels for the preliminary screening of promising projects. Then, it will analyze and rate the projects from various aspects, spanning project background, team, technology, concept, level of innovation, economic model, prospects, and risk assessment. Projects that have obtained high scores in the preliminary screening will enter the next round of careful review, involving teams specialized in operation, business affairs, marketing, technology, and products. Only projects that passed all the reviews will be officially listed on CoinEx. 

CoinEx has always remained committed to the dual review mechanism by CoinEx Institution and the Listing Committee, regardless of how trending a project might be. During the reviews, a project will be eliminated if it is deemed risky in one aspect. As such, CoinEx may be slower than some of its peers in terms of token listing. However, with such efforts, the exchange has minimized the risks and ensured that CoinEx only lists outstanding projects with great potential, which also reflects CoinEx’s commitment to users.

Furthermore, CoinEx also adopted a new brand slogan this year: Making Crypto Trading Easier. Committed to offering easy-to-use products, as well as fast, convenient trading processes, the exchange strives to become the gateway of global users to the crypto world. To that end, CoinEx helps users quickly select and trade the ideal crypto asset effortlessly. Moreover, it also puts the user experience first, providing satisfying crypto services for more than 3 million users in over 200 countries and regions across the globe.

Right now, CoinEx features over 600 crypto assets and more than 1,000 trading markets, as well as comprehensive coin information readily available to all users. Apart from that, the exchange also offers a wide range of financial services. In addition to making direct crypto investments, users can also easily invest in financial products such as CoinEx AMM, Dock, Financial Account, and Pledging.

It is also noteworthy that CoinEx has introduced the New Listing section under the Market segment. Users can click on Market on the official website to check out the recently listed cryptocurrencies on CoinEx and find out about their market status. Additionally, CoinEx has also attached category tags to each newly listed coin so that users can select the preferred crypto category right away.

The record of 600+ listed coins is only a small milestone during the evolution of CoinEx. In the future, the exchange will continue to bring promising, valuable crypto assets to users and make crypto trading easier, allowing everyone in the crypto space to trade and invest in crypto assets with ease.

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