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A Charity Concert in Malaysia: CoinEx Charity Raises Funds for Health Charity!

2022-09-02 08:48:00

On the evening of August 27, the Charity Show: Departure Turbulence Arrival, a charity concert held in Malaysia and sponsored by CoinEx Charity, rounded off. This two-hour concert raised over 10,000 MYR for the cause of health charity, and all funds raised will go to UTAR Hospital in Malaysia to help it procure more advanced medical equipment and provide better health services.

The concert was held in Coldstream Community Hall, Bidor, and was sponsored by CoinEx Charity. Singing, dancing, and playing all sorts of instruments, students from UTAR (a local university) pulled off the charity show with amazing performances. With 12 heart-warming shows, they presented a special musical performance and fully engaged with about 400 public-spirited viewers at the venue. While showing their love and making donations, viewers also enjoyed a wonderful concert.

Love conveyed through music

 In light of the COVID pandemic over recent years, for Malaysian residents, improving the local medical system and specialized medical facilities represents a vital task. UTAR Hospital, a non-profit institution, not only provides medical and health services for the local community but also offers training programs to medical students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UTAR. As such, the establishment of UTAR Hospital (Kampar) is imperative as many communities in Kampar need enhanced medical services. UTAR Hospital will also widen its reach so that the locals could gain easier access to quality medical and health services, which will benefit Kampar and the nearby communities.

As a global charity, CoinEx Charity has hosted charitable programs for causes such as poverty alleviation, student aid, and disaster relief in countries around the world, and over 200,000 individuals have benefited from these programs. Having been informed of the lack of medical resources in Perak, Malaysia, CoinEx Charity immediately decided to support the construction of UTAR Hospital. By funding performances by UTAR students and raising charitable donations, the organization contributed to the building of UTAR Hospital. CoinEx Charity looks forward to improving medical conditions at the hospital and hopes that it could provide residents with affordable, quality medical services, train more doctors and nurses, and improve local well-being.

Charitable contributions through cross-sector collaboration

As a global exchange dedicated to the crypto space for five years, CoinEx has offered strong support to many charitable programs. The exchange has launched CoinEx Charity and the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund as well. Offering the fullest support to UTAR students during the charity concert, the organization rented the Coldstream Community Hall as the venue of the event and procured the audio equipment, performance props, stage backdrop, and event souvenirs. Leveraging the cross-sector combination of charity and art, CoinEx Charity has created a sustainable model of charity and supported charitable programs through real actions, which attracted public attention to the cause of health charity in remote areas. The strong support and generous donations from CoinEx Charity will help UTAR Hospital deliver benefits to local communities and train more students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. With these efforts, CoinEx Charity calls on its peers around the world to contribute to the meaningful charitable cause, which demands support from all sectors.

Previously, CoinEx Charity sponsored the Blue Carpet Show for UNICEF. This charity gala hosted in Thailand also sought to raise donations through the combination of charity and art, attracting extensive public attention. In the future, CoinEx Charity will remain committed to charitable events and continue to mobilize support for charity from kind-hearted individuals, companies, charities, and the general public, thereby contributing to the cause of global charity.

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