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CoinEx Teams up With Partners to Promote Global Charity

2022-10-08 03:37:03

Since its inception, CoinEx Charity has remained committed to the idea of borderless charity while pursuing its mission: Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place. Focusing on charitable causes such as education, poverty alleviation, and healthcare, it introduced the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund and hosted global charity campaigns to convey love and warmth. Meanwhile, CoinEx Charity has explored more sustainable ways to take charitable actions. Joining hands with the Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV), the Colombia-based Enredo, and Human Development Foundation (HDF) in Thailand, CoinEx Charity will create a heart-warming charity community through friendly, long-term partnerships.

Empower education equity through charity partnerships

CoinEx Charity is a non-profit charity set up by CoinEx, a global crypto exchange. Having established a charity arm, this long-standing exchange with a strong sense of social responsibility has taken real actions to fulfill its charitable duties and made charitable contributions.

Since 2022 kicked off, CoinEx Charity has hosted various charity programs across the globe, including donations for the poor, charitable actions to care for children, education-themed donations, sponsorship to charitable fundraising events, and donations for disaster relief. It not only hosted and participated in many charity programs but also built a strong track record and gained deep insights into charity. Having realized the limited power of a single entity, CoinEx Charity decided to build a friendly and open global network for charity cooperation. Bringing together partners who share the same goals, CoinEx Charity plans to pool the strength of individual organizations and facilitate the continued expansion of charity.

CoinEx Charity’s official charity partners include:

  • Enredo, a non-profit organization based in Colombia, aims to build knowledge and partnerships through the Internet. It offers free online courses and helps more people receive an education. This July, CoinEx Charity and Enredo built a partnership where the former provides the funds and the latter makes videos and offers free courses to over 20 local educational institutions and schools. Creating a new model of Charity plus Internet, CoinEx Charity and Enredo will jointly create a charity platform where people can master professional skills on the Internet for free.
  • The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV) was established in 2000 by the doctors and the families of the children who receive treatment. The organization mainly offers charity services to children with cancer and their families. In August 2022, CoinEx Charity partnered up with KAÇUV to jointly fund the education of young cancer patients. Moving forward, the two will leverage their strengths, provide more help for the kids, and encourage them to fight the disease with courage.
  • HDF (Human Development Foundation), a well-known charity in Thailand, focuses on children. Its core programs include education for children living in slums, child protection, combating AIDS, and community services. This August, CoinEx Charity and HDF built a long-term partnership to jointly launch the Mercy Children Program, through which the two charities will provide educational opportunities for children in Mercy Centre and help them break the cycle of poverty. 

Charity knows no borders. Together with its partners, CoinEx Charity will expand the community of charity and fully leverage its strength, with a focus on such fields as education, health, and poverty alleviation. Actively involved in charitable programs, CoinEx Charity will promote charitable causes and build a community that encourages everyone to take charitable actions. In the future, CoinEx Charity will build more long-term partnerships, identify new charity models, and make joint efforts to explore new pathways while making greater contributions to the continued expansion of charity.

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