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CoinEx Charity Scholarships: Special Gift Kindling Dreams of Turkish Students

2022-10-08 03:57:23

On September 12, Children at KACUV (a charity organization of Turkiye), went back to school. At the beginning of the new term, 50 students received scholarships from CoinEx Charity, which will cover their tuition in primary and secondary schools, and reduce the financial burden on their families.

Partnering up with Charity Organization to help children in need and empower education

Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer - KACUV for many years provided students at pre-primary, primary, secondary and university levels with support, including Scholarship Program “Education is my Hope” Scholarship Program. In July 2022, CoinEx Charity joined the education-themed charitable program and donated funds to the program, which is run in cooperation with KACUV for children with cancer. The scholarship program is designed to equip children with skills through education and help them continue their education despite adverse financial situations. 

Children at KACUV have long been suffering from cancer or other diseases. In the process of rehabilitation treatment, the families of these children often need to bear high medical expenses, and the huge economic pressure usually forces them to suspend education. The “Education is My Hope” Scholarship Program was launched with the expectation to protect the educational rights of children under medical treatment. However, relying on the strength of one single public welfare organization is far from enough for charity-powered education. The participation of CoinEx Charity brought new vitality to the scholarship program of KACUV.

As an international charitable organization, CoinEx Charity has always been focusing on the educational equity of children around the world. The organization has launched various donation events in remote areas of many countries to enable children in need to obtain high-quality education and improve their cultural level. It has joined hands with well-known charities around the world, including KACUV in Turkiye, HDF in Thailand, Enredo in Colombia, etc., and established partnerships with them for the philanthropic cause and for the public good, contributing their parts to children’s education in various countries.

Source: KACUV’s tweet account 

Braving the wind and waves to protect the educational rights of children with diseases

Education lays a solid foundation for every child and helps break the global poverty cycle. CoinEx Charity sees education as the key to the future success of individuals and the whole society, and believes high-quality education can empower children with psychological, emotional, and physical skills as well as abilities to release their full potential, so that they can cope with any challenges that may hold them back in the future.

In 2022, CoinEx Charity launched the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund to support educational programs in countries around the world, aiming to help children in fragile and conflict-affected countries and provide more children with fair growth conditions. At present, the charitable events held by CoinEx Charity reach out to 19 countries, with books and school supplies donated, educational funds raised, and scholarship programs established. With these concrete public welfare efforts, children and adolescents from low-income families in more regions are able to complete their studies and improve their education quality. 

A well-rounded education helps students make the most of their talents and develop important social skills to eliminate educational disparities around the world. Public welfare is not about one single participation, but sustained attention; it is not a temporary passion, but continuous efforts; it needs support from more enterprises. CoinEx Charity calls on more companies and charities to join hands for the charitable cause of children’s education, provide sustainable educational support and services for more vulnerable children and their families in the world’s low-income areas, mobilize greater strength to gain more children access to education, and exert a positive impact on children’s learning outcomes. Together, we will ultimately promote global educational equity.

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