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CoinEx: Breaking Traditional Financial Restraints & Providing Versatile Financial Options

2022-10-24 10:13:39

For many crypto investors, “finance” is a common term. However, it is complicated and challenging for most investors in the legacy financial system. For people in places where online payments are still not available, “finance” is a fascinating dream that will never come true.

Aiming to turn sophistication into ease of use, in 2022, CoinEx has adopted an all-new slogan: Making Crypto Trading Easier. As it delivers easier crypto products, the exchange will help users trade cryptos effortlessly. To achieve that goal, the first step is to shatter traditional financial restraints. CoinEx intends to help users in places, where online payments are not available, trade cryptos through easy operations while shattering the traditional perception that finance is complicated and challenging. In the meantime, the exchange also strives to make crypto trading easier for everyone. 

While offering easy-to-use products, CoinEx also works hard to provide users with a versatile selection of financial services to deliver more satisfying investment experiences and help investors seize profitable opportunities ahead of others.

CoinEx Finance now covers three sections: Dock, AMM, and Financial Account. Users can log in to the CoinEx website or the App and click [Finance] to try out these financial services and products.

I. Financial Account

As a product that increases the value of coins, Financial Account offers users returns in addition to profits from crypto trades. The exchange distributes 70% of the interest income from borrowed coins of margin trading to users against the ratio of the holdings in their Financial Account. On CoinEx, users can make additional earnings simply by depositing their idle assets into the Financial Account, without the need to trade cryptos.

Financial Account features easy operations, flexible deposits and withdrawals, compound interest, and zero minimum deposit limit, which allows all users to benefit from the product with ease and convenience. At the moment, Financial Account covers nearly 30 mainstream cryptos, spanning ATOM, USDT, BNB, BTC, SOL, ADA, and AVAX. On CoinEx, users can click on [Assets] on the homepage and go to their [Financial Account] to check the list of cryptos supported and the corresponding 1-day or 7-day APY. In addition, users can also directly transfer their idle assets into the Financial Account on this page.

II. CoinEx AMM

On CoinEx, AMM, short for Automated Market Making, is combined with an order book, and the system automatically converts the liquidity pool into an order book. Meanwhile, the exchange uses the CPMM (Constant Product Market Maker) algorithm, which provides liquidity for the market regardless of the size of the order book or the liquidity pool. 

At the moment, CoinEx has rolled out the AMM function for hundreds of spot trading markets, each of which comes with a liquidity pool, and users can deposit funds into a pool to provide liquidity for the corresponding market and become automated market makers of the market to receive trading fee dividends from CoinEx.

To earn trading fee dividends, users only need to select an AMM market and provide liquidity for the market via the liquidity pool. With CoinEx AMM, users benefit from automated market making and flexible withdrawals and deposits.

III. CoinEx Dock

As an all-new service segment for crypto investment & fundraising, CoinEx Dock focuses on issuing first-rate crypto assets and identifying and remodeling promising projects to meet the increasingly diversified demands among crypto investors. It creates a sound fundraising and promotion platform for outstanding, innovative projects and provides fair, convenient opportunities to invest in such projects.

Eligible projects may reach out to CoinEx through CoinEx Dock on its official website. After rigorous assessment, the exchange will list such projects on CoinEx Dock when appropriate, thereby providing subscription channels for investors while allowing projects to raise initial funding.

Decentralized crypto technologies are built for the general public. As such, crypto assets should also be available to everyone. CoinEx has always been committed to helping all investors easily benefit from crypto financial products while removing traditional financial restraints. Meanwhile, the exchange will continue to provide a more versatile selection of financial services, allowing users from all over the world to easily invest in cryptos and capture profitable opportunities through CoinEx Finance.

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