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Powered by the Self-developed Smart Algorithm, CoinEx Swap Helps Users Swap Assets With One Click

2022-10-25 01:59:27

In the crypto space, most investors get used to swapping cryptos through spot transactions by placing an order in the market. However, in spot transactions, investors need to examine the current market depth before placing an order and wait for the tight execution timing. As a result, they cannot get the target cryptos at a stable or acceptable price in real time. For some new users of crypto exchanges or investors who are in urgent need of the target crypto, one-click crypto swap might be a better choice.

CoinEx Swap is a fast crypto-swap service offered to global users. With this function, CoinEx users can instantly swap a crypto for another in one single click.

Using CoinEx Swap, users no longer need to place an order. Instead, with the real-time price automatically generated by the system, they can swap one crypto for another with one click. On CoinEx, crypto swap is settled by the spot account, and users do not have to worry about pending orders or trading fees. At the moment, most cryptos listed on CoinEx support the Swap function, allowing users to trade cryptos with greater ease. 

It is noteworthy that CoinEx Swap uses its self-developed smart algorithm. The swap price is calculated by the system based on the current market depth, and the final amount is subject to the actual amount executed. Moreover, there are no additional fees for swap, and only trading fees will be charged. The rate of the fee is the same as the taker’s rate in spot trading. Additionally, CoinEx Swap supports CET deduction, and the actual fee is subject to the actual amount charged.

So, how do we use CoinEx Swap? On CoinEx, users can swap cryptos in four simple steps:

1. Log in to the CoinEx website, and click [Swap] on the homepage;

2. Select the crypto to be swapped and the target crypto. For instance, when swapping USDT for CET, select USDT in the “From” dropdown list and CET in the “To” dropdown list;

3. Enter the amount of the target crypto you need or the amount of crypto to be swapped, and the system will automatically calculate the corresponding amount based on the number you entered;

For example, suppose you need 100 CET. The system will automatically tell you that 4.0676 USDT is needed; conversely, if you entered 4.0676 USDT as the amount to be swapped, you’d see you will get 100 CET;

4. Click on Confirm to complete the swap once you’ve confirmed the swap amount;

Meanwhile, you can also view the last five swap records at the bottom of the page. It is noteworthy that CoinEx Swap does not set a daily cap (in the case of USDT), and the minimum swap amount is 1 USDT. The maximum amount varies from crypto to crypto, and you can check out the specific cap by clicking on Max in the Swap window.

CoinEx has launched Swap to make crypto trading easier for users. On CoinEx, crypto beginners can swap between different cryptos in no time through Swap, with easy, convenient operations. In the future, CoinEx will keep improving its products and services to provide users with the ultimate crypto trading experience.

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