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Buy Cryptos with 0 Fees: CoinEx & Simplex Joint Promotion Now Live!

2022-10-27 06:21:22

According to its latest announcement, CoinEx launched the 7-day promotion “Buy cryptos via Simplex now and enjoy 0% fee” jointly with Simplex, a fiat currency service provider, to give back to CoinEx users for their support and trust. From October 26 to November 2, CoinEx can purchase cryptos via Simplex with 0% fees.

This is the third time that CoinEx teamed up with a third-party fiat currency service provider to provide benefits for CoinEx users. Recently, CoinEx has also partnered up with Banxa and MoonPay to host joint promotions of buying and selling cryptos with 0 fees. To offer CoinEx users more benefits for buying cryptos with fiat currencies, CoinEx decided to launch another 0-fee promotion jointly with Simplex. During the promotion, all CoinEx users can purchase USDT, USDC, BTC, and ETH via Simplex with 0% fees.

It should be noted that Simplex is also the first fiat currency service provider supported by CoinEx. In March 2020, the exchange entered into a global strategic partnership with Simplex, which marks a major milestone in terms of the crypto deposit/withdrawal service on CoinEx. All CoinEx users can buy cryptos via Simplex using Apple Pay, Visa, and Master Card (credit or debit).

Simplex, founded in 2014, is a FinTech company licensed by the EU that provides guaranteed fraudless payment processing solutions and focuses on providing payment solutions for buying cryptos with credit/debit cards. On Simplex, users can now purchase more than 130 cryptos with over 115 fiat currencies. To date, Simplex has teamed up with multiple world-class trading platforms. With over 350+ partners, the company processes crypto transactions worth billions of dollars every year. Right now, CoinEx users can buy cryptos with nearly 100 fiat currencies through Simplex. Meanwhile, a wide range of payment methods, including PIX, Apple Pay, Visa, and Master Card, are supported. 

The details of the joint promotion are as follows:

I. Duration

8:00 October 26, 2022 - 8:00 November 2, 2022 (UTC) 

II. Participation Requirement

All CoinEx users 

III. How to participate

 1. Go to the CoinEx “Fiat” page:

(1) Web: Click [Fiat] on the navigation bar of the CoinEx website;

(2) App: Click the [Fiat] icon on the CoinEx App homepage;

2. Select the fiat and crypto you need;

3. Select Simplex as your preferred service provider;

4. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided by Simplex to complete the purchase or sale.

IV. Services available on Simplex

For more information about the promotion, please follow CoinEx’s announcements on its official website or its SNS accounts. In the future, CoinEx will also partner up with more third-party fiat currency service providers to provide more exclusive benefits for CoinEx users.

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